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Importing data into Quickbooks 2010



I am new to this group, currently in the process of moving from Sage L50 back to Quickbooks after a gap 4 years. :)

I have imported customers & suppliers with little problem, but find that the type of data you can import relating to stock is quit limited.

Name/No - Description - Sale Price - Part No - Stock Item Y/N?

I am then manually having to enter purchase price (essential info surely?), and then amend the COGS nominal account, Income Account and Asset Account.  Then subitem details one by one.


Rather time consuming with over 1500 stock items.


Is there an easier way?


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You can import items from excel easily including cost and number on hand and reorder points - all sorts. You should be able to convince Sage to export your list to excel.

In the file menu Utilities - Import - Excel files

You can either then create the data file they suggest or use the advance import - here you can map data from any excel file into QB. Mapping is easier if your excel file has column headers that mean something.

Make sure you have backed up before doing any importing so you can go back if you get unexpected results and use the preview button first as this will highlight any issues.

Also carefully review your data in excel so that correct labels go through (e.g. for stock parts) it is also a good time to review whats on the list (so you don't import discontinued items) and make any global changes as once imported you may have to make changes item by item. Also add any info not extracted from Sage (for example you can add columns for say sales and purchase VAT codes)


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Importing stock items

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We too are trying to import stock items into QB2010. QB will only allow us to import around 20 items at a time otherwise it hangs. As we've got around 2000 items I'b very grateful if anyone knows if there's a way of encouraging QB to accept a larger volume of stock items through the import routine! 

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