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QB erroneously treats order acknowledgements as invoices.

A client raises order acknowledgements in QuickBooks 2008 for their clients. QuickBooks records these as invoices even though no invoicable work has been done yet. How can they stop it doing this?

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Use Sales Orders

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You can turn on sales orders on preferences

They can amend a template to call it an acknowledgement - when the invoice is needed it is easiy created from this




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 Thanks coolmanwithbeard. Will try that. Thanks very much.

Mark Invoice as Pending

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You could also mark the invoice as pending (right click in the top section and choose mark as pending). This removes the invoice from all accounts. If you want to see the pending invoice list there is a report.

You may need this if your version of Quickbooks does not include Sales Orders.


Michael McCann

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Thank you Michael

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Thank you, I think a lot of us appreciate your adding your expertise on this forum.



Thanks again.

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I went for the Mark Invoice as Pending option, as it seemed easier.

Thanks very much.

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