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Quickbooks aged debt including todays delivery notes not yet converted to Invoices

I have a colleague with a client looking at their aged debt report. The aged debt report appears to be including delivery notes for today that have not been converted to invoices yet.

How can we get an aged debt based on Invoices (and other sales related items) and not including delivery notes and is there a report that will give me delivery notes for today to confirm the difference?

thanks in advance

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Delivery Notes

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Delivery notes are an alternative invoice template in QuickBooks - you need to create the invoice to get the DN - if DN are being created using the DN template then they are creating invoices - It is the same form with some fields removed


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are you saying that the client is using a delivery template that actually posts to the sales ledger as it is based on an invoice template?



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The delivery note is accessed from the create invoices screen as an alternative template - the templates just arrange what is on screen/printed for different invoice designs and the DN is essentially an invoice design template. There is no separate DN routine so by creating a DN you are creating an invoice - even if that is not your intention!!!



Delivery Notes

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If you don't want delivery notes to appear in sales etc then you have two options as follows:
1. Leave them as Sales Orders to be converted later (if you have a version of Quickbooks that supports SOP); or
2. Mark the invoices as Pending until you want to convert them.

Pending invoices are ignored for accounting purposes. There is a separate report of them under Reports/Sales.


Michael McCann

thank you

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thanks everyone for your responses

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