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Quickbooks - aged debt report based on Invoice date

My understanding is that the aged reports in Quickbooks work on due date.

What are the options to produce this based on Invoice date instead

thanks in advance


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Quickbooks Aged Debtors/Creditors

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Your Invoice date is included in the Aged reports as well as the Due Date, but the aged days will always show ageing from the Due Date.

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Invoice date

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This is buried in the preferences (edit menu).


With preferences open you want Reports and Graphs on the left and the Company Preferences Tab of that. THere is a box with 2 radio buttons that allows you to change.


Hope this helps



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Aged Reports

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Thanks Mike - I had never noticed that option - always stopped at the accrual/cash reporting option. I learned something today - must be a good day! Sylvia


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I was positive that I posted a thank you message on Friday afternoon. It case I didn't or it somehow disappeared into cyberspace -

Thanks for you your quick response, I was able to help someone else out in my business and also helped our client satisfaction.

Win Win all round

Thanks again.


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