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QuickBooks and Terminal Services

Has anyone got experience of using QuickBooks 2010 on Windows Desktop Services on Windows server 2008/R2.  We want to be able to access QuickBooks running in two offices that are in different Countries over a ADSL2+ medium speed connection.


Running QuickBooks on Terminal services

c.szpak | | Permalink

I can't answer your question comprehensively as I will not be installing QB2010 on our "hosted" server until next week and have yet to install windows server 2008/2, we're still running 2003.

However,  we have succesfully run both 2006 and 2008 versions via an RDP connection, having up to 5 users access the same file from 5 different locations.  There have been no problems whatsoever.

The beauty is that all you are doing is sending a key stroke and being returned a screen signal, so speed has not been an issue at all.

Hope this helps.


Chris Szpak


QB 10 and Terminal services

nicknell | | Permalink

Thanks Chris

Thats good to know.  THe file size for QB10 is much bigger than QB6 and this seems to have been the tipping point to make our VPN solution unworkable.  Now that we are biting the bullet and investing in terminal services we have decided to extend this to many of the other softwares that we run including MS Project.

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My not consider outsourcing this?

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We access client QuickBooks files from various locations in the UK and in India.

However, rather than have the hassle of managing the technology ourselves, we use a hosted server, via www.securevirtualoffice.com.

Let me know if you would like an introduction.

Adrian Pearson
Business Technology Adviser

Hosting Services

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In the interests of balance, I think it's only right to plug my provider www.systemhost.co.uk.  Their service and support is excellent, and their simple pricing reasonable.  To see where all my data was held I recently visited their data centre, I came away extremely impressed, it is all owned and controlled by them, a very important point to consider when searching for a hosting provider.  I had obviously checked their finances beforehand, extremely sound.

Since being in practice, without doubt the best IT investment I made.

Chris Szpak

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Remote Access to QuickBooks

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-- Simon Hampton TAK Credit Management http://tiny.cc/9JAlA

Yes, we use gotomypc to log into our UK based customers Quick Books apps from Krakow. Works fine. I am told that logmein.com works fine too, and they have a free version, but we havnt tested that

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