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Has anyone tried mapping Quickbooks to get data into Group Accounts?  I have a Group with two subsidiaries and am trying to get meaningful monthly reports.  Support tell me that I have to export the subsidiaries TB's, work out the monthly difference and then manually import them into the Group.  I keep them separate by using Classes. There has to be an easier way.


Quickbooks Import Software

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I import transaction data into Quickbooks a lot. I use a utility called Transaction Pro Importer 4.0 from http://www.baystateconsulting.com/

This allows you to import data from Excel spreadsheets into almost any transaction type in Quickbooks.

Now to your specific questions about the data.

I assume that you have three company files in Quickbooks. One for the group and one for each subsidiary.

The trial balance in Quickbooks can be set to report on a date range. Therefore, if you select the date range as last month you will get last months profit and loss account and balance sheet as at the end of last month. Similarly, if you choose the current financial year to the end of the previous month you will get what we accountants would call a normal trial balance - BS @ end of period & P&L for the period.

Quickbooks Premier Accountant edition supports reversing journals. If you have this your task is simple. Import the trial balance for the period to date each month and reverse it as at the first of the following month.

If you don't have QB Premier I suggest that you upgrade to it. Otherwise you will have to the opening balance sheet items from the closing to give yourself a movement journal which you can then import.

Hope this helps.


Michael McCann

QuickBooks Export Software

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I needed an easy way to export a T/B by class or one that is a net change so I had a utility written.  I'm not sure if it will work with the UK version because I have no way to test it, but it works with the US version. If interested google TBX Trial Balance Utility


Sara Laidlaw


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