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QuickBooks used in retail & Hospitality business.

 You can use your QuickBooks in your business both in the retail & hoispitality sector, to manage your stock, do your VAT return or generate reports such as Balance Sheet, P & L, bank reconcilation etc but how do you get the numbers in?

In the computer age it make no sence to enter the data manually. As you all know there are applications such as AccuPOS that will tranfer the sales into your accounts, but then as an accountant how would you feel if the books were done electronically?

Should businesess use the IT to its fullest capacity? What are your thoughts?



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 Actually no,

possiblly a topic for dicusion

I'm with ianw33 on this one

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Just because you can discuss it doesn't mean it is not an advert. 

defination of advert

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 What is a defination of Advert? and What is defination of dicussion?

If we discuss Alton towers, the fantastic rides, and how they make additional monies by selling air driers, is this an advert?

If one publishes pricing, perhaps you can say it is advertising.


I've seen your other posts........

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Some of which clearly point to your website.

Well if that's nopt advertising I don't know what is.

what is the definition of a defination?

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I am lost!

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 I was under the impression that this site is to discuss all aspects of accountancy, IT solutions for accountancy, 3rd party solutions that assist accountants, tips and other helps that accountants can share.


Perhaps I was wrong.

I got it.

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 spelling mistake

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