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Bank Reconciliation

 Many years ago, the DOS version of Sage had a 'proper' bank reconciliation report along the lines:

Balance per bank statement

Add: Outstanding receipts/unrecorded lodgements

Less: Outstanding payments

Balance per cash book control

Sage's bank reconciliation report is just a record of the items reconciled, i.e. the statement in another form, or am I missing something?











johndon68 | | Permalink

I've not looked at it but I do believe that one of the new features of Sage 50 v2011 is a much improved reconciliation report along the lines that you mention...


Use the reconciled and unreconciled report

sarah douglas | | Permalink

Its still there, maybe not in sage instant .

-- Kind Regards Sarah@ Douglas Accountancy & Bookkeeping Services, Glasgow

Bank Reconciliation

Carolynne | | Permalink

Hello Sarah

I use Sage and have always had to print off several reports, to do my own manual bank reconcilation at the last hurdle. (ie. Nominal report (showing balance as per sage), unreconciled/reconciled report to show those transactions included in the nominal report), followed by a photocopy of the bank statement and typing a short excel grid, showing how the Sage balance, (after unrec/rec balances to the bank statement).  Are you saying that there is report that does this for you?  With you saying 'it's still there' to the main question?  As this would save me some time.

Many Thanks


-- Carolynne

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Bank Reconcile Statement

completebookkeeping | | Permalink

-- Complete Book-Keeping Ltd

Sorry but it was definately a new feature with the L50 2011 - I do agree Im not sure why it was never already there.

Now gives balance as per cash book

Add unpresented

Less Outstanding

Reconciled Amount


The report works really well, just not sure why took so long.

able to quote if need an upgrade !

Bank Reports

sarah douglas | | Permalink


If it is the report I remember from the Dos version as you described I have been using it for years prior to upgrading to Version 2011 it is under Bank reports Reconciled and unreconciled reports and the report is called Bank Statement Reconciled and unreconciled report ,  some of the wording at the bottom used to be a bit strange but I used to export it and just change the bottom . I just found that it added the b/f balance for year before a bit odd but the figures did add up but it was like that in the DOS version as well.

 I have always used accounts plus above and I know from clients that this report was not available on anything below accounts plus which is why I always upgraded them.  It was the same for contra entries and suppliers and customers refunds were not available on the lower versions.  I have mentioned this to sage on a number of occasions about Sage Instant not really suitable for much more then a sole trader doing his invoicing.  From vague memory though I think this report might now be available on Sage Instant 2011

-- Kind Regards Sarah@ Douglas Accountancy & Bookkeeping Services, Glasgow

Bank Reconciliation

Carolynne | | Permalink

Hello Sarah

Oh my goodness, you are so clever!  It can be done!

I am running V11 of Sage, as I don't like the interface for the bank reconciliation on the higher versions, where you have to click what you want to move down.  I prefer where you just highlight and save.

As per your suggestion, I have just looked at 'Bank', 'Reports', and under the 'miscellaneous folder' the 6th entry down is 'Bank Statement - Reconciled-Un-reconciled' and the top part of this report shows the balance as per reconciled to the bank statement total, and the bottom half shows, the balance as per sage with the unreconciled entries.

For me this is brilliant, and will save time in the future.

Many thanks for taking the time to respond to my query.

Kind Regards




Glad I could help, it should save you time.

sarah douglas | | Permalink

-- Kind Regards Sarah@ Douglas Accountancy & Bookkeeping Services, Glasgow

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