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Bookkeeping clear up - update!

Hello all! I've been offline for 5 weeks and my previous attempt to update you on my progress flopped due to my WAP browser being a bit rubbish on my phone!

Anyway, I'm currently 2 weeks in to the rebuild - here's my progress...FYI financical year runs 1/4 - 31/3, and i have to work on the TB supplied for 08-09. Rebuild is for April 09 onwards.

1. loaded Sage Instant onto my laptop and loaded on their most recent back-up

2. took lots of .csv exports, including debtor and creditor details and transactions and detailed audit trail from day one, then did another back-up to my laptop

3. clicked on "Rebuild". Saved their nominal records, wiped everything else.

4. Imported customer and supplier records.

Those were the easy bits. Since then I've had a lot of fun! 

The most annoying probs encountered have been:

* Accountant had tried to write-off old supplier balances by writing journals to the 2100 Creditor Control Account...therefore it didn't balance with the o/s supplier balance (now amended in Apr 09)

* The paying in slips do not give the details of the cash banked (those items are now posted to suspense account)

* Paying in slips also do not give details of customer accounts banked to, but the payee on the cheque...the details mostly match so I can accurately allocate the receipts, but there are 5 or 6 that i cannot find (items now posted to suspense account, awaiting resolution. Meanwhile, whole year's bank rec done :) )

* There are lots of items in the fixed asset register that should never have been capitalised - Accountant was aware and had been depreciating them (now corrected in Apr 09)

I could continue but those are the main ones.


The Accountant proudly admits to working with this company for the past 15 years...what sort of Accountant allows these errors to continue without ever giving tutorials/guidance/advice??


I have got the bank, suppliers and customers where they should be (bar the odds and ends in the suspense account). I've yet to tackle the petty cash and monthly journals for 09-10. I have very limited experience with running year end - unfortunately I think i'll have to leave that for the Acct to do.

Then I have to load on the corrected current year's accounts, from April 1st to the date of the last back-up (end July), with monthly journals to date.


One thing i haven't worked out yet is how to export & import the invoice details from the Invoicing module. They raise all their sales invoices from it on S1, and I need them to have their invoices from the current year available for reprint etc. They don't use the Product module. Advice please.


I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this task - I figure that if i can manage this "little" task I should be able to complete more straightforward freelance bookkeeping jobs. I was made redundant back in July from my full time bookkeeping job and have 10 years of commercial experience. I've done RSA 1 and 2 Accounts & Bookkeeping and AAT Intermediate. Thoughts please!


Bookkeeping clear up

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 It sounds as if you have been very busy.

Bad luck about being made redundant. Assuming you are now looking for a job you will have to get used to a total lack of response to any applications you make. I was made redundant about 18 months ago and have been trying to get a job ever since. I am trying to get a new practice off the ground but the set up costs can be pretty heavy. Best of luck for the future.

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Bookkeeping clear up

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Hi Hellon (should that be Helen?)

I totally understand what you are going through. I have re-built dozens of sets of accounts in Sage for clients who have, said politely, made a mess of it, and I use exactly the method you are ie. via .CSV files.

The one thing I noticed about your post it that you deleted everything except the nominals. What you should have done is KEPT everything except the transactions. That way you would still have your Invoice list, SOP, POP, (these cannot be imported), Nominals, Customers and Suppliers records etc. and would not have needed to import anything except the transactions.

Don't get me started on Accountants and Sage - I could tell you horror stories.....

I am sorry I didn't see any original post from you before you started, or I could have advised you on the easiest way to do it before you started.

If you should need any help, feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will reply with my phone number so you can talk things through with someone who's been there many times before. This includes if you would like to learn how to run the year end yourself.

-- Witch-Queen

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