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Cash Flow Reports from Sage 50

 I'd like to produce a cash flow report from Sage 50. What I've done so far is to edit one of the standard bank reports, so that it includes sales receipts, bank receipts, supplier payments, bank payments and nominal journals. It shows nominal codes for bank receipts/payments and nominal journals, and the customer/supplier account for sales receipts/supplier payments. I use Excel integrated reporting to get the data into Excel and then a vlookup to put in the customer/supplier default nominal code and another vlookup to bring in the nominal account name. Lastly, I use a pivot table to give me months going across and nominal accounts down the side, so I end up with a report showing cash movements. This all seems a bit clunky to me. Does anyone have a more elegant solution to producing a report of cash flows? I do have Sage Forecasting, but that has its drawbacks too.




A little less clunky...

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You could potentially use ODBC to extract all the relevant data directly into Excel which would be a bit more 'integrated' than what you have at the moment but, obviously, you'd need to create the relevant queries in MS Query to get the data...


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