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Catastrophic Issues with Sage

Yesterday I escalated to my CEO, another problem with Sage alongside the recurring issues we've had. She made a brilliant observation - there must be others having these problems and making it known through the internet. She suggested I checked, I googled 'Major Problems with Sage' and voila.....

Problems with our Invoicing & SO modules started from March 2010. Items from SOs/posted invoices were mis matched and transferred to others at random. We have clients getting back to say - hold on, we don't owe that, that balance is wrong. We discovered that Sage somehow manages to move these items from their original location/customer accounts & reallocates them to others. 

This is how Sage has dealt with the issue - a daily data check, if there are warnings signalling the issue (they usually are), we arrange for the data to be effectively we have a daily downtime of 3-4 hours (out of 8 hours) plus additional time sorting out the generated errors, communicating to our clients that our accounting system has a problem plus liaising with Sage. This week we got a 'utility' to spot & flag the warnings as they occur, not a permanent fix. Yesterday, I ran the Aged Creditors report & Sage had  re-allocated invoices, payments and credits to different supplier a/cs. When the new problem occurred, no one at Sage c/would help - the manager in the Repair team was off & no one could deputise, the Technical Manager was in training and the Customer Experience Manager was also away. 

Something's got to give.....Sage has to take accountability for the adverse effects our business (and others) are suffering - we are losing money (time is money) and our clients aren't amused anymore. We need to have our voices heard, from what I've read most of us appear to be SMEs, any suggestions?

(PS. My Original Post is in another discussion thread - MAJOR SAGE PROBLEMS)

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I'm trying something for you

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Hi Nikaizen

I sympathise, I'm afraid the problems you are experiencing are way outside my own experience with Sage.

When I had a major gripe on here I was contacted by Kevin Thompson of Sage, he put me in touch with someone at Sage that actually understood and could help - I see you appear to have had no response from anyone else (unless you've already been contacted by Sage?) so I've emailed Kevin (through this site) asking him to check out this thread and see if he can help.

I'm sorry it's all I could think to do - I only hope Kevin is still monitoring postings about Sage.

Good luck - please at least keep us posted on your journey, I hope it improves immeasurably very, very soon.

-- Lin

Data Corruption

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Once Sage have fixed your data then (assuming it has been done correctly) I would not expect the corruption to keep coming back constantly (which appears, from your post, to be the case) unless there is a problem with the environment in which Sage has been installed.

The problem you are describing sounds very much like an issue that did exist with v2008 and external applications that used Sage's Developer Toolkit and, although I appreciate that you mentioed that this was not the case here, the only 100% fix that I've found for that issue is a complete rebuild of the invoice files so you, effectively, start again with no invoices in the list - if the corruption you are seeing is the same issue then this may be the only course of action.


Re: Catastrophic Issues with Sage

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@ Lin -  Thanks for that. We have been liaising with Sage (without full resolution of the problems/s over the months)...

@ All - ....had some feedback on progress of a permanent fix from the technical team at Sage yesterday. So fingers crossed.




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Glad to hear it

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I'm glad to hear about the chance of a permanent fix, I'll keep my fingers crossed too!

I know. I tried hard to get recognition of my problems by telephoning customer services - it was only when a couple of people at Sage spotted my gripes (one of them was through completing the Sage customer survey they emailed me after I rang them, and the other was Kevin on this site) and contacted me with a useful customer services contact that I got help, and that help has been fantastic.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.

-- Lin


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It will be interesting to see what Sage come up with as, as a general rule, they don't come up with retrospective updates for the their software.  i.e. now that v2011 has come out they ignore previous version.


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