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Computerised accounts training materials

I didnt want to put this in job section because it is only an idea for now.

I am looking for a trainer on computerised accounts, with experience of preparing lesson plans, training manuals and every thing else tht would help my learners sit for the City and Guilds computerised exams levels 2&3, and payroll. They do not necessarily have to deliver the training, as long as they produce easy to use materials.

The training should be deliverable in 3 days and not the 12 weeks that City and guilds material used to prepare for.

I know city and guilds is based on sage, but my intention is have the same material relevant for QuickBooks, or even excel, that is why i am not looking for Sage manuals per ce.

If someone has some material they prepared earlier, I would be interested looking at it.

I will launch the training in April, which leaves me just a short time.

If you think you have what i need email me




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