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Historical bank recs

Following on from that reconciliation thread, has anyone actually got a report that enables a bank reconciliation to be reconstructed?  It seems the flag and date information is in there, assuming the reconciliation date is the same as the period end date.  Indeed I can usually manipulate a csv of the audit trail to such effect, but this can be time consuming.

I note a "Retrospective Bank Reconciliation" report was recently added (BANKSTATRECD.report), which certainly shows the transactions and reconciled balances, but not in my favourite format of [balance per bank] + [timing differences] = [balance per system].  It's the unreconciled items at a given date that I'm trying to get at....




Bank reconciliation

sandyhatter | | Permalink

This is not an ideal solution and maybe someone will come up with something better, but what I have done in the past is apply a search to the audit trail to find all bank transactions with a date prior to the historical date you are interested in, which have a bank reconciled date later than that date. You can then save that search and just change the date each time you need to use it. You will also need to take into account any transactions which may still be showing as outstanding but these are easy to find on the current bank rec.


Where: Nominal code = 1200 (assuming this is the bank you are interested in;

And: Date is Less than or equal to (Historical date)

And Bank Reconciled flag is Yes

And Bank Reconciled date is Greater than (Historical Date).


Send it to excel

wood2207 | | Permalink

I do a search in financials as suggested by Sandy but I take it one step further and send the search results to excel.

To do this go to file at the top left of the screen and select Office Intergration (in older versions it is 'send to'), next select 'Contents to Microsoft Excel'.

By doing this you can quickly sort and add up your debit and credit entries and do a summary showing the actual bank balance reconciled to the Sage balance.

This send to excel function works on any screen and is very handy - just be careful as Red deleted lines in Sage (which are not added into the total) don't show as red when exported to excel!

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