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How many people will have read this far in Sage's T&C's...

...before clicking the 'I accept' box.

1.3. You acknowledge that the My Sage section of the Sage website ( is still at the beta stage of development and undergoing testing. By being granted access, you agree to:
1.3.1. promptly report any problems, bugs or defects in the software or supporting documentation to us;
1.3.2. at our request, provide regular reports (in such format as we may specify) on the operation of and defects in the website including recommendations as to modifications to improve operation or its facilities in addition to reporting on bugs or other operational difficulties; and
1.3.3. at our request, allow us and our representatives(s) to visit the site where you utilise the website to witness and discuss such test, so long as the time of such visit is agreed in advance.
1.4. You undertake (except as may be required by law or in order to instruct professional advisers in connection with this agreement) not to:
1.4.1. disclose or permit disclosure of any details of this agreement or My Sage section of the Sage website ( to the media or any third party; or ...

and so on and so forth - you get the idea.

Have Sage a new Headmaster or something; how dare they? What will it be - jackboots at 3pm kicking in my door (by agreement of course)?

"Papers! Where are your papers to use this website; why have you not reported this bug promptly??"

I don't think I shall be using the 'My Sage' website with these terms still in it.

Will these migrate to Sage Software so we can't complain about the Line 50 issues we are all aware of?

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I hope you haven't ticked I accept ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... or you are in breach of 1.4.1 ...

... hello

... hellooooo

... are you there?

... oh dear :o(

Seriously though, let's hear from the legal bods, these must be unenforceable terms?



To paraphrase..

ghewitt | | Permalink

...Pygmalion "Not bloody likely".

Now it may be that I am anally-retentive; I don't think so; but I have taken to actually reading this stuff before I click 'OK'. Not many people do. In fact if more did then maybe the world might be a better place? Maybe - in the 'Harry Enfiled and Chums' way we could say "Look Sage; I appreciate your whizzy new software and all it's inherent capabilities for increasing my productivity and hence the bottom line maximising profitability across the board and thus endearing me to the shareholders; BUT, when it comes to the terms and conditons of this wonder-ware I say NO! You are well out-of-order-my-son" And we give 'em a bit of a slap and help them see the errors of their ways.

Unlikely scenario but hey...nothing ventured nothing gained.

What do the legal-eagles make of this?


johndon68 | | Permalink

Is the important part not, and I quote from section 1.3 of the original post:

"the beta stage of development" - this is a beta version of the website that you are being given access to and, given that, the T&C are pretty standard for a beta as you are, effectively, testing the website so they expect to be able to get feedback from you...


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I thought everything SAGE sent out ...

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... was a beta test!

It would seem that it is...

ghewitt | | Permalink

The Sage payroll upgrade, 2011 edition, took away all my carefully crafted reports as they were trashed by their new super-whizzy report writer that nothing can standeth in the way of. Consequently nothing worked as 'Field not found' and other errors displayed. "Oh you need to run this and that" spaketh the cheery chappy at the other end, "...just download this fix... etc etc etc". Bye Bye Sage Payroll. Hello Flexipay.

But I digress.

Yes I saw that it was a 'Beta'. What has that to do with being 'commanded' to do this and that; and lets not forget that this 'Beta' test replaced the existing Sage website. If you don't click - as I haven't - the 'I Do' the 'continue' button is not activated. Stalemate. Where is the choice? Yahoo recently upgraded their email system and said - in so many words - do you want to give it a whirl or stay where you are? Choice. And no demands to come to my place of employement (albeit at an agreed time) to 'Discuss' the test. I am desparatley trying not to mention the war here but 'We have ways of making you report bugs promptly' springs to mind.


No... I must stop this.

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TomMcClelland | | Permalink

I think you may already be breach of 1.4.1. Stand by for a legal letter!

I would be...

ghewitt | | Permalink

If I had clicked "I Do".

But I didn't. BWAHAHAhahahahahaah...oops; forgot myself there.


heatherjt | | Permalink

A few legal letters on the way i thinks.


ghewitt | | Permalink

what are they going to do, tell my mum?

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