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How to remove VAT Column from Invoices in Sage Instant V15

I am not VAT registered and do not want VAT column to appear on my Invoices. One workaround is to show 0% in VAT column but it is illegal to have a VAT column which shows 0% when infact you are not VAT registered because there can be a confusion with products who actually incur 0% VAT and secondly it give an impression that u are VAT registered when you are not.

I think even if you choose that you are not VAT registered while setting up a company in Sage instant v15 2009, the VAT column still shows. Is that right? Also if one chose the option of VAT registered during set up and made a large number of enteries, it will be quite a task to re enter everything. Thus how best to disable / disappear this column while producing Invoices only.


Remove VAT Column

johndon68 | | Permalink

I assume you are talking about when you print an invoice out in which case do the following:

1. Take a full backup of all files (just in case)

2. Go to the Invoice List and select one invoice

3. Select Print

4. When the list of layouts appears, choose the one you want then choose Edit - this will open the layout in the Report Designer.

5. When the layout opens, you'll see all the VAT fields - select each one in turn and delete.

6. Once you've removed all the fields Save the layout and exit the Report Designer. 


Remove VAT Column problem Solved

entreprenuer | | Permalink


                    Deleted VAT Column headings and the corresponding data value fields which "pull in" actual values from each invoice as you said and saved it. The VAT columns and the corresponding values don't appear on the invoice anymore. Thanks for your quick reply.Sorry I couldn't login for a number of days.

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