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Manager Logon Problems

Hello everyone!

I'm running Line 50 Accounts Professional 2010 v16 and I'm encountering two problems which I'm hoping someone might be able to help with!  We work from different offices and don't have remote access so email backups to exchange information.  We don't have Sage Cover...


First of all, on one of the three Companies we run, there isn't a 'Manager' logon so we can't add/remove/amend users for that Company.  Any ideas on how to rectify this?

Second of all, when I try to restore a Company from a backup I get an error message 'You cannot access Restore because MANAGER is logged in on machine XXXXXXXX'.  I tried deleting the Company to start from scratch, but it's the default Company so won't let me.  Any ideas on either getting the MANAGER log in logged out or changing the default Company so I can delete it and start over?


Thanks for your help!

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Delete file

petersaxton | | Permalink

There's a file you need to delete.

You need somebody who has SageCover to ask which one it is unless somebody knows.

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Delete file - clear users

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The file you need to rename is queue.dta, the file will be in the accdata folder for the company you are using.

You need to be absolutely certain everyone is off the system before renaming this file. If using networke or multi-company system, the safest way to guarantee this is to get everyone to shut down Sage.

Rename the file to .old or .001

This effectively clears all active users from Sage, hence the importance of making sure no-one is using the system live.
In the long run - you need to get the manager password reset - this is a send data to Sage job. You don't need SageCover, but the cost to reset the Manager password is still substantial.

Delete file

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I'm 99% sure it the Queue.dta file you delete to delete logged on users (best have back up first in case it's not though!)

My queue.dta file path is here C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sage\Accounts\2010\Company.000\ACCDATA

Delete that first and see if it works.


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Manager Logon Problems    1 thanks

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tltodman is quite correct with the 'unable to access because XX is logged in' problem you need to delete the 'queue.dta' file. This is a known quirk with sage and happens occasionally.

The easy way to find it go to the Help menu and choose About, on the System Information tab highlight Directories on the left, then RIGHT click Data Directory on the right and 'Open Folder'. Type a 'Q' and you will jump straight to the correct file.

Don't mess about renaming it - just delete it. That will solve the problem. I'm 100% sure.

With regard to the missing Manager logon I have sage cover so will investigate for you and let you know

-- Witch-Queen

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Many thanks!

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I've now restored the latest backup so that one is solved, many thanks everyone for your Sunday responses!!!

Thanks Witch Queen for your offer to help with the Sage Cover part. It looks like someone in the past has set themselves up as the administrator and removed the original. They've since moved on and we can't get or edit the password to do any of the administrative jobs.


Thanks again all! :-)

Manager Logon Problems

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Regarding the data set problem where you've lost the Manager password. Sage EXTRACT rather than RESET the password and I don't think the cost is substantial - last time I had to use it for a client it was about £50.

They will fax a form for you to sign giving them permission to access your data and promising to destroy it when they've finished. You then e-mail or post a backup of your data and they extract the password, telling you what it is by e-mail. This means you can carry on posting data to your Sage while you wait.

Other people have told you how to get rid of the "manager already logged on" problem which you need to get round to do a backup of course.

If you really can't face paying Sage anything, the only alternative is to lose your history and start again. You can export the customers, suppliers, unpaid invoices into CSV or Excel files, then create a new company in Sage and import those text files. A long winded process and not worth it in my opinion even to save £200 - depends how you value your time and how bad it would be to lose the history.



How long has this 'quirk' been known about ?

Anonymous | | Permalink


'.. This is a known quirk with sage and happens occasionally ..'

Surely this is precisely why people are disappointed with Sage - questions:

  • How long has this 'quirk' been known about
  • Why has Sage not fixed the problem

Answers to this would be a clue as to one of the many reasons why Sage are not regarded very highly

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Manager Logon

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I've just spoken to Sage about this and they say it is not possible to either delete or re-name the manager logon, so someone in the past has deleted something in the software that they shouldn't have.

They asked what the exact error message was when you try to use Manager to logon, as there could be several which all mean different things. If you let me know I can call them back.

-- Witch-Queen

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Known Quirk

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Ah! the Sage haters are back! I knew that comment of mine would bring them out of the woodwork when I typed it.

I have been using Sage since Sage Sterling Version 4, and have always known of this problem but it is not a software problem exactly.

I have personally found that this occasionally occurs where the user has used the Red X to exit the program, rather than File Menu/Exit, but this has not been proved to be the reason. What happens is the program fails to log the user out completly and when they restart the program that user is still logged in.

There is no specific reason for it happening and therefore no way of Sage fixing it. It's not a major problem with the software just an annoyance.

ALL software, regardless of who it's from, has something odd that happens occasionally, so don't single out Sage.

-- Witch-Queen

Sage haters or telling it like it is

Anonymous | | Permalink

Is it really about '.. the Sage haters are back ..' or the fact that once again Sage has fallen down on the job and failed to fix a known problem for a long time

This comment is absolute rubbish
'.. There is no specific reason for it happening and therefore no way of Sage fixing it ..'

  • of course there is a specific reason for it happening
  • yes it is fixable if Sage could be bothered
  • any problem that has not been addressed for many years by a software house is indeed a problem with the software

Agreed that all software has something odd that may occasionally happen BUT this has been occurring for many years; by your own admission at least since since Sage Sterling Version 4 and NOTHING has been done to sort it out

This is fact and no amount of tying to cloud the water by statements of 'Sage hating' can alter the facts

Regrettably this just goes to demonstrate the mindset within Sage and quite frankly if they cannot get their login procedures to work seamlessly even after 20+ years despite knowing about the issue for this time then they have a problem.

It is also worth remembering that Sage had to pull SageLive because of displaying client login details for all to see.

Sage hater here!

I have absolutely no problem at all in openly admitting that yes I hate Sage and everything the company stands for.

Their software does the job (most times) but it is by far not the best out there, has become ludicrously expensive and has bugs which have not been fixed for many issues.

It always makes me think twice about a software house that can ship out "new" software each year with the same bugs year in year out.  They are more interested in adding new features to enable them to say it is an "upgrade" and charge accordingly rather than fixing known issues.

So yes I hate Sage and I have no problem at all admitting it. I have not crawled out of any woodwork. I am a member of accountingweb and have used Sage for over 20 years (mostly forced).  It is about as user friendly as a brick and sometimes extremely cumbersome.  Particularly when you to try to use Sage 50 on a network environment which is no fun at all.  It is like dialup vs broadband Sage being dialup.

Locked logins

taxrebel | | Permalink

The locked login generally happens because a user session is cut unexpectedly.  For example by the process being killed in task manager, or the PC being rebooted.  What happens is that Sage records the session details in QUEUE.DTA when you login and is unable to update them if you "crash out".  So Sage still thinks your logged in and prudently prevents you from proceding with a duplicate session.  Most accounting software does something similar.  However you are usually provided with a means to fix it..."You still have a active session on terminal x.  Do you want to clear it (Y/N)?"

The problem for Sage is that they are not using a proper database.  As a result they don't want users casually resetting their sessions on a regular basis for fear of corrupting the underlying files.  I suspect that's why they don't make it easy.  They hope that by keeping it a 'technical' fix whoever does it is likely to appreciate the risks and give it due consideration.

Hopefully when Sage moves to a proper database (long overdue) it will improve matters.



Software design

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As an ex-software designer I know it would be a VERY simple matter to provide an override within the program to remove users that get stuck on the queue file due to software crashes, etc. Those who have used Sage L50 for a while will know how to get around this problem, but new users have to ring the support line to find out how to clear the error. This has been the situation for as long as I can remember!

I don't mind Sage software on the whole. It is fairly stable & reliable (except for new versions!) but I dislike the selling methods used by their staff. The sales tactics used are borderline illegal in my view, and Sage omit telling the purchaser of many facts that would affect the purchasing decision.

Another bugbear is that practice software is only 'rented' from Sage, and once your licence expires you have to remove the software from your system. You cannot even use it to view, or print, historical data. This was another fairly important piece of info I wasn't aware of until I gave notice to Sage.


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Manger=admin logon

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The user name manager is the top level logon and cannot be removed or renamed.  The problem described at the start of the thread is that the manager password has been forgotten. This means the Sage dataset contains a master logon with an unknown password. In order to add new users / change other user permissions, you will have to get Sage to recover the Manager password. I just checked cost for this, it's £95 +VAT for customers without SageCover.

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Tax Rebel comments

completebookkeeping | | Permalink

-- Complete Book-Keeping Ltd

Hi just confirming my agreement with Tax rebel comments on login issue - I have had confirmed same point it is where system has updates etc., at the time of exit.

Like most systems there is always going to be happy customers and those who are not - I have tried other systems and not been happy with them ie quickbooks.  Other people like it, that's their choice.

I have priority link cover - let me know if you need help with unlocking manager - I will ask the best price for this - kr Donna - [email protected]




Why stick with something you hate?

dtooke | | Permalink

Perhaps the Sage haters should at for a great alternative to Sage, and one that many users switch to when they get fed up.

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Desperate for sales?

petersaxton | | Permalink

Most people prefer independent advice rather than marketing puffs.

Not every post is an advertising opportunity - please desist ..

Anonymous | | Permalink

Anyway sounds like a dishwasher tablet

'.. get the diamond finish ..'

Basically Sage login does not work faultlessly every time

Anonymous | | Permalink

and this is the problem - forced abandon leaving data around that has not been cleanly dealt with

It does seem extraordinary that just about everyone else in the software universe manages to deal with locking satisfactorily except Sage - and they still refuse to address this issue years after is was first brought to their attention (inability or incompetence or simply don't care about the customer base?)

Presumably therefore anyone can return their Sage product because it it not of merchantable quality

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Most accounting software companies don't address many problems.

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People who like advertising don't seem to talk sense

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“Not every post is an advertising opportunity - please desist ..”

Are you mad? Did I say every post is advertising? I pointed out blatant advertising and I will continue to do so – Any Answers is not for sales people to clog it up with advertising.

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Thanks again everyone

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FAO Witch Queen!

I think it is a password thing; The error is 'you have entered an invalid password'. I thought by looking at the user settings I'd see the Manager user, but when I looked at another of the Companies Manager wasn't shown there either, my fault for presuming!


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-- Complete Book-Keeping Ltd

Unfortunately Manager is the 1 that can see everyones details - the rest cannot.

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Manager Password

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FAO Pat,

I have just spoken to Sage and they can no longer unlock the password over the phone, (which they were able to do in old versions), as the file in encrypted. You would have to email your back-up to them.

They confirm a previous posters price of £97.50 plus VAT for someone without sage cover. It's up to you whether you think it is worth it.

-- Witch-Queen

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Thanks everyone

patvanaalst | | Permalink

Thanks everyone for your help.


We'll weigh up sharing user details against spending £97.50!


Thanks again


Closing the red box instead of File and Close

sarah douglas | | Permalink

To Witch Queen

Thats a good one for the hot tips.  I must have a client that does that, it happens quite often .

-- Kind Regards Sarah@ Douglas Accountancy & Bookkeeping Services, Glasgow

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Manager Password

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Manager Password

ftaylor | | Permalink


If you lost your Sage 50 Accounts (any version) manager password, an instant solution is



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