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Printing supplier remittance advice

I have a client who uses Sage 2007 and I would like to get them to print a remittance advice when they raise a cheque, however when I get as far as the box to select a layout option (the next screen once you have selceted the transactions and clicked print) it is empty. The layouts are there and I can view them in report designer, so how can I get them to appear at the right time so I can print them?

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Remittance Advices

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Are they saved in the Layouts folder of the program?

If this is a multi company licence, are the Remit layouts you want to use showing in the Layouts folder for that company?

When in Reports designer if you choose Save As from the file menu, where do they try to save?

drop me an email at [email protected] and I'll reply with my phone number so I can help you over the phone.

-- Witch-Queen

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Remittance layout location

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James, when you see the remittance layout files, are they on the local machine, or on the network? If you can see them on the local machine, then Sage is probably looking at a different location for the layout files, and the Layouts folder at that location doesn't contain the layout file REMITA4 or REMIT11.

If this is the case, the solution is to copy remittance layout file from local machine to the Layouts folder on the machine which has the live Sage data.

If you need help with this I can do it remotely, but it is chargeable I'm afraid!


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