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Problems after installing Sage 2010

We run on remote desktop with 20 users. We installed Sage 2010 last November, but immediately had problems with our document management system Invu. It seems Sage interferes with MS Office and Adobe Acrobat. With January approaching we abandoned Sage until later. At the end of February 2010 we tried again and had the same problems. We had to reinstall all of the MS Office programs on our server, as well as Acrobat. There were numerous other issues too which caused many days of downtime.

We'll want some reassurances before we put any other Sage products or upgrades on our server.




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More information needed

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First thing that strikes me is number of users. 20 is a lot of people. I have never seen more than 10 concurrent users on Sage 50, and I remember a few years back when Sage proudly announced that new versions could now support up to 10 concurrent users.

It would help if you gave some more background:

what are the server operating system?

remote access method and software used?

How locked down are user accounts?

Is it a large data set of small one? Approximate number of customers/invoices/stock items/audit trail length on the system. What version of Office / Acrobat are you running?

From experience of running sites with Sage on a Windows Server 2003, using  terminal server / thin client network, most initial problems are due to security settings and user permissions.

In your case you may find that Sage 50 isn't really sufficient for your needs, and a more robust system is needed, such as Sage 200 or 500, or indeed system from another provider.

Sage may dominate at small business level, but for medium sized companies, non-Sage mid-market accounts products are much more competitive and varied.

Sage Problems?

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I am absolutely flabbergasted how many companies have problems with Sage and yet stick with them! The biggest bonus that Sage has is the inertia of it's users.

Our own accountant told us about a problem that one of his clients has updating Sage - a scrambled database that the help line did not want to know about. He said to us that our Omni Accounts ( or call 01488 686311 to speak to a human) would be an ideal and more cost-effective solution for them. What does the client do? Buy another Sage line 50!!

We managed to escape from Sage Line 100 some years ago and have never looked back.

We run Omni Accounts as a manufacturer on a multi-user, multi-company, multi-currency system and have no clashes with software of any kind. Updates take a matter of minutes - we could get complacent.

If you want to try Omni free of charge just contact me. We are quite happy to offer help and guidance free of charge.

Would be nice to see

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a complete website about Omni.

I'm slightly keen to learn more and an incomplete website seems somewhat unprofessional.

Is it really worth attending the seminar without having any inkling of the program capabilities?



Omni Accounts

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Have a look at

This is all very new for the UK - hence the incomplete website - apologies!

If you want to know more please feel free to contact me ([email protected] or telephone 01488 686311). I can send you a Omni Accounts disc for you to trial free of charge - just let me know.

Please be assured that the current web site is not a reflection of Omni Accounts - the UK re-launch has not yet started! Once again apologies, but contact me for the full details.

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