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Products in Sage Line 50 - or any other way of monitoring 3rd party sale levels

We have a number of customers that we supply a third party service to, so I set up the end customer as Products (thought that might work), it gave me a full list of all the end customers, but it's not giving me the info I want on the level of sales to them, which I need to work out the Reps commision.

I'm trying to monitor the level of sales for products, but we don't hold stock.  So, I tried it as a "service" - no details.  Then I tried as a "non Stock" - no details.

I've tried looking on the "practice data" where they do show levels of product sales, but I can't work out what I've not ticked or if they are all stock products.

Any help gratefully received before I have no hair left





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monitoring 3rd party sale levels

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There are a couple of ways to get what you want.

If those customers only buy the 3rd party products and nothing else, then you could allocate a Department to those customers. Day Book Reports can then be run by Department

If those customers also buy other products then you could allocate a Category to the 3rd Party Products and run reports by category

Or you could set a new sales nominal code for the 3rd party product and set that as the default on the product record, and use a nominal report. If you want the reports for sales commission use, then this would be the best idea, as not only can you run reports by date (ie the month/quarter etc.) but the sales of these items can also be shown as a seperate item on your P & L, so the overall sales of these 3rd party items can be monitored

Without more detailed information of exactly what reports you want it is difficult to say which will work best for you.

Contact me at [email protected] and I will reply with my phone number should you wish to discuss this

-- Witch-Queen

Third Party Customers

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I've emailed you as I tied myself in knots trying to explain what I'm trying to do, but it still comes out as clear as mud!





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