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Question about tracking products in and out under Warranty repairs

We have a number of customers that occasionally need to return a faulty product for repair, sometimes several years after making the original purchase.
We keep track of these currently in a spreadsheet in which we record basic details and provide them with an RMA number to track the item when it arrives, gets repaired, and then gets returned.
Occasionally, if the item is out of warranty, we may invoice labour or parts.

We also sometimes send these items to outside companies for the repair, or even back to the original manufacturer and occasionally, they replace the affected item.

But tracking this is becoming a nightmare and I wonder if anyone has some experience with sensible and sound advice to help me improve this routine.

We currently allocate the RMA reference from the spreadsheet. Then complete another form with the details and place item in warehouse on quarantine shelf for engineers to have a look.
When they have completed their repair, we just arrange to return item, but I am concious that we are storing info all over the place when it really can be stored in Sage effectively.

My thoughts are to book the item in as Stock Return (Damaged in) and use the RMA as reference. Then when repair is complete, again use the same RMA reference as (Damaged Out).
I could also use In and Out respectively instead but not sure what the main difference is - I think it affects stock whereas the Returns option doesn't.

But ultimately, we then have a slightly more effective and accurate picture about what should be lying in quarantine, and can search the register for the location of specific parts from specific customers/suppliers.

Does anyone have any advice or experience of this?




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In the ideal world we would want to have a solution that would do all we ask it over and over again.


I think we should be glad with the functionalities that Sage bring to the table. I came across a software called SerializeIT that through the serial number of an item can say when the item was purchased, who purchased it, and if your firm tracks the purchases by the serial number of products like in ISO90001 then together you would have a complete package 

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Have you thought about building a database with Microsoft Access. I am fairly sure you can link this to tables in Sage for look-up purposes. In this way you could build it to your exact spec. If you already have Access then it can be done at no cost and is not really all that dificult to do. I find Sage is best left to do what it does best - accounts - but not on a network - even though it builds more and more bells and whistles into it, which is just more to go wrong on its ancient file system.

Glad with...

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Ancient file system, un-necessary bells and whistles that slow it down, data-corruption, s-l-o-w networking. Yes, I am so glad with all that.

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You could use SageCRM to track these workflows

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SageCRM is an excellent tool which can be configured to manage such workflows. It has an in built CASE system which is designed for complaints \ returns which gives you a good starting point. It is also very easy to setup extra fields as required so you can capture any data relating to the fault. We have linked this to Sage 50 and would be happy to discuss your needs if of interest. I can be contacted on [email protected] 

Adept Serial Tracker

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The Adept Serial Tracker will also do this for you. It has been written with complete integration to Sage 50 and will allow scanning in and out of barcodes, or manual entry in and out. All purchase orders and sales orders / invoices are maintained against the database allowing an easy look up of where a product has come from and to whom it has been sold. Searches can be done by Customer, Supplier, Produt Code or Serial Number.
Email [email protected] and they will give you information.

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There are quite a few alternatives that do this and link in to Sage 50. One I have had experience of that will certainly do the job is OrderWise. It completely replaces the Order Processing and Stock Control in Sage 50 and has multi location stock, serial or batch no tracking of all ins and outs plus many other features that are not in Sage 50 itself. Email me for more info and contact details.

-- Tony Bayliss, Senator System Consultants - [email protected]


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Thanks for all the responses.

I will be looking at all the products suggested as a solution, and contacting those who kindly provided details.

Many thanks for the great feedback.


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