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Remittance advice option extremely slow


Our company is using version 16 of Sage. This is on a network with up to 5 users, though usually only one or two are in there at any one time.

Occasionally I need to print remittance advice notes to advise the supplier which invoices have been paid. But it takes for ever to load the list, despite having recently deleted out some 6 years worth of remittances - both printed and not printed, and then Reindexed Remittance records followed by compressing the data.

All the other modules - invoicing, order processing, stock controls, bank payments & receipts, work perfectly fine with no apparent delays in opening or recording of information. But when I click that Remittances button, I know I will be there for hours which then slows every one else down to a standstill. And woe betide if I press the button twice - then my pc simply locks up. Usually I have to reboot, followed by a data check each time, but it isn't ideal. However, once the list is displayed, I am able to print multiple remittance advices at will.

Does anyone have any other tips for accessing these remittances?





you have my attention

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ok, you have my attention. Now what does spindle do? It looks like a windows print driver. Appears to print lots of things automatically.

Is it an external program that doesn't use the Remittance button option?

Or is it like bullzip?




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"Spindle" is an authorised Sage add-on that is used as part of a monthly bank payments cycle. You run the payments routine in Sage. Create the BACS file - using Albany payments software - a breeze for payments, less so for Direct Debits. 

With just a few mouse clicks the system then uploads the payments file to the BACS system - better done directly as opposed to via your bank, makes the payments to suppliers and then creates and sends by e-mail a fully detailed Remittance advice - as pdf.  You won't know what to do with your free time.   You can also check that the e-mail has been received, opened and or deleted by the recipient. The RA pdfs are then archived on your system for later reference

After that if you really want to make the credit control and debt management part of your business really perform then you need to use "Credit Hound" also by Draycir.  Rob Thomas and Centrepoint will explain all. 

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Remittance advice option extremely slow

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Hi there.

This is Rob Thomas (mentioned in responses from one of my satisfied clients). Without looking at your specific Sage 50 data (which I would be happy to do, by the way), I anticipate that the Remittance Advice files have become corrupted. You have so far done the correct thing by deleting, re-indexing and compressing.

So...there is really only one way to resolve this and that is to replace a couple of files from your Sage software. I would not wish to advise you exactly which ones and how to do it as I would prefer to see your data first before you take this action. The advantage of replacing the files is that the problem will be solved, the downside is that ALL of your Remittance Advices will be removed whether you have printed them or not, so that you are basically starting the Remittance Advice file from scratch.

It was previously mentioned that Spindle Professional would help you.  I am sure that it would in many ways and potentially save you a lot of time and money; just not with the particular issue that you have mentioned.

If you wish to discuss this issue further or indeed discuss how Spindle Professional and / or Credit Hound could help you and your clients, please get in contact with me at [email protected] or obtain my full contact details etc... at

Hopefully this will have been of some help.

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