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SAGE 50 2010 Report Designer

 Hi Guys, 

I am trying to learn Report Designing , but it's a shame there are no books or CDs to do a self study. They want me attend their training courses , which I am unable to attend. 

Does anyone know any books or CDs to do self study?





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No books?

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I have books on Sage Report Designer, both for Line50 & Payroll, but they may be out of date.

Ask Sage if they have any older versions available. The Report Designer has changed but I am sure the books would give you most of what you need.


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Thanks Shirley.

I did check with SAGE, they do not have any books it seems. Do you know where you bought them?

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They came with the software

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In the distant past you got printed manuals along with your CD. As mentioned previously the manuals I have are out of date (2004) and the Report Designer has changed since.

I have just checked to make sure I still have my manuals and discover I have a spare copy. Would you like to have it?


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Thanks Shirley.

They have changed  the reporting interface significantly since 2007. I will check the original CD.

Thanks for your offer.



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Sage Report Design

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-- Complete Book-Keeping Ltd


They stopped doing books with new disks on all of sage to save paper.  All info is in help area with lots of PDF options.


There is a help option in report design area - getting started.  Very useful to use.

if you are stuck on a certain question - you can email me: [email protected] and I will try and help.


kr Donna

That's great

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Thanks Donna, that's very helpful.

I will have a look this weekend and will pm you if I am stuck.

Appreciate your help.


Best Regards



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Sage Report Design

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-- Complete Book-Keeping Ltd


No problem.  What ever you do start with a similar report that you require adapting rather than from scratch.  That way some of formats are correct.  (ie if invoice - go to the similar invoice template and edit).  You cannot save updated info it must be a save as so make sure you save in correct area.

kr Donna

A couple of self-teach tutorials

David Carter | | Permalink


I posted a couple of self-teach tiutorials on AWEB a few years back.  Might be helpful.

Getting to Grips with the Sage Report Designer 1 & 2:


The Sage Report Designer is a "banded" report-writer, late 1980's vintage and painfully hard to use.  A better approach would be to try linking Sage to Excel via Get External Data and ODBC.  





Useless or maybe it's me?

I have tried to get to grips with the Sage Report Writer on more times than I care to remember and each time I gave it up as bad job.  I have always found it very buggy and til this day there are issues (bugs) which Sage tell me have still not been resolved.  They are eager to push "new" software out evvery year yet fail to correct bugs from previous versions.  One of the reasons I do not use it anymore.

It would be far better if they output to Excel I agree!


Thanks for the advice

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Donna, I will follow your Tips.


David, I have already downloaded your articles and started reading them. They are very helpful. Do you have any plans to write anything on the latest versions? Have you written any books or planning to write any?

I have produced a Sage Report Designer guide for training

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I have produced a Sage Report Designer guide which I use when doing training with clients and leave with them.  It is designed for this purpose but may be of interest to anyone trying to use the report designer as it fully explains all the options within the designer and has examples in it that you can try out yourselves as well.  It is 80 pages and could supply a pdf version, but I would want to charge a small fee for it.  If you are interested please let me know.


Demo of an Excel-based report writer

David Carter | | Permalink

 Hi Vdeepan3,

Have I done any more work on the Sage Report Designer?  No.  Producing those tutorials was enough to tell me that it is just a dead-end.  Far too steep a learning curve for very little progress. 

The right way to do it is to get an Excel-based report writer.  To get an idea, here's a couple of Youtube demos I did a year back of a product called BVXL using the Sage 50 demo company.  


Using an Excel-based Report-writer with Sage Line 50

Part Two – Building the Sage P&L report









That was really Helpful

vdeepan3 | | Permalink

 Thanks David. A good start. I have to do some homework.




taxrebel | | Permalink

The problem with a lot of these solutions is that they operate at the account level.

David, from your experience with BVXL can it extract data using the Sage Chart of Accounts rollups?  Or perhaps it is possible to maintain a separate COA hierarchy in the datamart?


Sage account rollups

jason.raikes | | Permalink

I am not sure whether BVXL can report at a roll up level or not.  However, we produce an Excel reporting tool called DBReport which represents account hierarchies (or any other heirarchy) using the outlining functionality in Excel.  We have also produced an interface to Sage called DBSage which presents the data in the Sage database in a hierarchical manner for use with DBReport.

Also, when using many of these tools you effectively paste or type in the row and column headers, sometimes choosing from a list of items selected from the database.  This runs the risk of missing items when, for example, a new nominal account is added to the underlying system.  Using DBReport, the row / column heading configuration is retained (i.e. which database table, which fields, any filter criteria etc) and the heading is re-created when the report is run ensuring that new items are automatically reflected in the report - we call this reporting robustness.  As a result the nu,mber of rows and columns in the report can increase / decrease and DBReport has functionality to ensure that dependent formulae, for example, summing the months to give a year to date value, are automatically filled down or across.

DBReport supports Excel styles so that blocks of data can have styles applied automatically, again taking account of changes in the number of rows and columns.

Lastly, DBReport supports drill through to allow you to generate a detailed listing of the transactions contained in a balance.

Details are available at and I would be pleased to provide an online demonstration.

Please call me on 07776 307 037 if you would like to arrange a demonstraion or to discuss any of our products.

Jason raikes

Sage 50 Reporting & Nominal Roll Ups

Optegra | | Permalink

Hi Tax Rebel

We at Optegra Financial have the Ultimate Sage 50 Reporting Tool.

It features a very detailed 15 page report output and for any sage Chart of accounts. It reports on the chart categories as setup within Sage 50 - Not on each nominal account.

Absolutely no technical setup required - as simple as 3 clicks of the mouse!

The whole report takes under 30 seconds to connect to sage, and produce this report containing monthly, quartelry reports, variance analysis and graphical charts.

Anyone who uses Sage 50 and wants better reporting output simply has to see this tool. A web demo can take as little as 5 minutes.

Can be customised to match your company / firm styles

Email me for more details and a copy of the report produced as standard



[email protected]


BVXL and Sage Chart of Accounts

David Carter | | Permalink


Hi Tax Rebel,

Sorry to be a bit slow to respond.   I've been using BVXL for about 18 months now but this is my first Sage 50 implementation and we are working on it right now.

BVXL does operate at transaction level.  The client is a Tour Operator who is using the Project Costing features of Sage 50 to capture profitability on each tour.  We're pulling in data from Audit_Journal plus six (!) other tables; fairly complicated, but now we've worked out how to make the joins it all seems to be working OK.

Re the Chart of Accounts, the client doesn't want to use the Sage nominal groupings for the P&L layout (you can't put individual nominal accounts into a group, only a range of accounts).  So we've given him a User Defined Table in which he can put whatever P&L groups he wants and whichever nominal codes, then we pull it back into BVXL. Effectively then we are by-passing the Sage COA and letting the client set up his own.  (But Blue Valleys tell me that BVXL can use the standard Sage COA if you want it).

Hope this answers your question.


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report designer courses | | Permalink

SWAT uk do a course. for more details.  It is like a workbook to go through rather than a lecture. 

SWAT Course

D_Smith | | Permalink


I found the Saqe Report Designer CD on the swat website.

It's at :


The page doesn't say any thing about the contents of the CD , which at £245 + VAT, isn't something that I would buy without knowing what the CD would teach me to do over and above the help files in Sage itself.




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Sage report designer course | | Permalink

I agree the course seems a bit pricy but you can get a training membership for about £500 which allows you all cds free.


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