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Sage 50 2011 e-reconciliation issues!

I have recently upgraded to the 2011 version of Sage 50 Accounts however now I am unable to use the e-reconcile option as as soon as you click import file sage hangs for about 2 seconds then shuts everything down. I have spoken to sage who have spent a good few hours going through this and have said that it is to do with the windows font pack in particular Tahoma which may have become corrupted, they did try replacing it but were unable to do so. I have since asked my IT to re-install this but he has said that it wipe my whole computer and that there is no other way he can do it. Has anyone had a similar problem and possibly a solution???

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Windows fonts

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If Tahoma is the problem maybe deleting it and copying and pasting it from another PC might fix the problem?

go here to find the fonts installed on your PC - C:\WINDOWS\Fonts (correct for Win XP)

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Thanks we have done that but it kept repairing itself. Sage have now said that it is not the fonts (after another 3 hour of phone convos and no computer) but is to do with my permissions, they have now got this working on the local PC but not the network. I have done lots of searches for the same issue and can not find anything so not sure if it is actually a sage problem ... just hope it gets sorted soon!

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