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Sage 50 Accounts KPI's

Hello everyone,

I'm interested to find what kind of KPI (Key Performance Indicators) people need from their Sage 50 Accounts software.

I don't personally think that the dashboards that are included in Sage 50 are good, and I'd like to know what other people think aswell about that.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.



KPI's - Monitoring the health of your business

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Hello everyone,

I'm quite surprised not to see any comments on this post, as KPI's are one of the most important figures in order to monitor the health of a business.

If anyone has ideas of KPI's for Sage 50 accounts, something you would like to see, then post it here.


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Maybe this will get the ball rolling

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Hi Julien,

I'm a bit surprised too, because when we did a series of articles on KPIs a few years back, the response was particularly enthusiastic. As part of our guide to the issue, Richard Murphy suggested a sequence of different KPIs for different businesses. In response, David Carter put together a few tutorials showing how to put together KPI reports using Excel pivot tables. If Sage really doesn't come up with the goods for you, David takes the technique a lot further in his tutorials on using MS Query to get Sage data into Excel.

Yes, it's all a bit DIY so far, but the object of our exercise was to get people thinking about the indicators that would work for their business and how to get data easily to manage them.

I think Sage has responded to the gaps in functionality with its Dashboard interface in Sage 50 Accounts 2010 and a new Excel data wizard.

I have only looked at these in an initial review of the application, and not experierienced them in daily use. Perhaps people who have had a go with the new version could let us know whether the Dashboard makes it easier to display the KPIs you want. Alchemex also has a Sage 50 Business Pack that provides a dashboard facility for Sage users (for a $25 a month service fee).

I look forward to hearing more about this topic from other discussion group members.
John Stokdyk, Technology editor

Sage 50 KPI's and Excel reporting

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The Analyser: Sage and Excel add-in“If you use Sage 50, you should also have The Analyser” All successful businesses are built upon the ability to produce accurate, reliable and meaningful management information, but this can still be an onerous and costly task. Enter - “The Analyser”. “If you use Sage 50 then you should also have The Analyser”, said a user at the recent Softworld Accounting and Finance show.    The Analyser was born out of the constraints other report writers, place upon the user. It is an impressive yet simple Reporting Tool utilising the flexibility of Excel, extracting figures directly from the Sage 50 data. The versatile and user-friendly functions can be added to any existing management reporting templates or new spreadsheets can be created within minutes. There is no need for in depth training; if you can use Excel then you can use The Analyser. At the touch of a button, The Analyser extracts both actual and budget data from non-consecutive departments, nominal codes and funds (Charity users only) for any date range. This has enabled existing users to report their own business characteristics not previously possible. An example highlighting this unique function is a company in the leisure industry which can now monitor their financial data by school holidays, along side their traditional monthly reporting, over a rolling five year period.. With this in-depth information effective and efficient decision making, planning and control can be achieved. Additional benefits of The Analyser include the option to add prior year’s data alongside the current year for comparative purposes and to report on single or multiple companies, in one workbook. Furthermore from the face of the Excel reports any value can be drilled down to show the under-lying transactions, without the need to even open the Sage application. The Analyser is a natural addition to your desktop, empowering your business reporting by exchanging re-keying with recalculating - saving time and money. Furthermore once the data is in Excel producing KPI's is easy. For further information please contact Barry Snashall on 01227 793200 or email at [email protected]

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