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Sage 50 statements/corruption/HELP!!

We have Sage 2010 version 16. It's been difficult but one of the Sage managers saw my posts on here and got me some help from dedicated people at Sage.

A relatively minor thing has happened to my customer statements - I've always used the 2 part statement and it's been fine. No one here has changed anything but what used to be the cumulative balance (column on the far right) has now become just a total outstanding column; i.e. Dec invoice £100, Jan invoice £150 - bal used to show £100 alongside Dec then £250 alongside Jan, now it shows £250 against each and every line.

Sage was very slow this morning, but I've learned to just leave it alone until it sorts itself out, which is exactly what I did. When it was back to normal, I rang a data check and took a backup. After this Sage imported invoices from another system (Weighsoft), as it has done since 2003 without any problems, the TB checked out and everything looked fine, apart from the running balance on the statements.

When I spotted the change I ran another data check, all fine, so I rang Sage. I don't have Sagecover as I don't see why I should pay for problems caused by Sage.

Sage can see the full history of my complaints but have just told me this is nothing to do with Sage and that someone here has edited the the form, but I can guarantee no one has. I've checked every Sage statement on my system that shows a running balance and they're all the same.  Sage have refused to help unless I buy Sagecover but that is the very last thing I want to do.

Can anyone help me please?

Thank you.


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Well. What can I say. I went to see if I could reproduce the problem but - after Sage finally showed the browser window - running a 2-part report hung the machine with the pale-rider-screen-of-death; as well as locking the acc.dta file for everyone else. Twice. I have given up. We are stuck with this archaic program for now as we have 3rd-party software interfacing with it but Sages's days are numbered with us. Sorry cannot help further; maybe someone else can. Never a Witch around when you want one ;)

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I'm here!!!

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I just replied to the second post of this thread lol

ghewitt if your getting problems with 2010 screen of death, have you installed all the updated for 2010?

You should have all PC's on V16.0.17.0156 which it Update 3

-- Witch-Queen

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