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Sage 50 v17, can't preview P&L

I've just been forced to upgrade to Sage 50 Accounts 2011 (v.17) after Sage stopped supporting v12.

Now I am unable to preview my P&L (non-default chart of accounts). It shows two error messages: "collection was modified - enumeration operation may not execute" and "an item with the same key has already been added"

Sage's "solution" was that I must go into control panel, regional settings and select south africa - reboot - now select UK - reboot again. Then it generates the a preview of the report. Quite why this should be the solution is a mystery, but, whatever......

Anyway I assumed this was a permanent fix but no! One month later, the problem still exists. Needless to say, it's really incovenient having to shut all my programs, reboot twice and then open everything again just to view the P&L! Sage are claiming it's my computer's fault, which seems odd as every other piece of software I use (including the sorely missed line 50 v.12) was able to remember that I'm in the UK. 

Can anyone advise? Or even just commiserate?




Short date format...

johndon68 | | Permalink

When the problem occurs and you first go into the option in Control Panel, before you change anything, is the Short Date Format correct (i.e. dd/mm/yyyy)?


I will check that

katespencer | | Permalink

 John, I can't check right now because I've already reset it for today, but I will look next time I reboot. I must confess I was just looking at the regional settings field and confirming that it correctly read "English - UK", but I hadn't though to check whether the settings actually were what they purported to be. Thanks for the tip.



Date format

acornman | | Permalink

I think John's on the right track - are you thinking the date format is in US order John?

I had a similar problem to this when I taught Sage in college in a former life. Every summer break the college IT team would spring clean the college network, which included uninstalling programs (including Sage) & re-installing them again. So, every September kick off we had the problem & changing the date format from US to UK always fixed it.

Hope John's idea does the trick.


Date Format

johndon68 | | Permalink

 "I think John's on the right track - are you thinking the date format is in US order John?"

Indeed I am - as far as I know, the short date format is the important part not necessarily the overall Regional selection.


Sage and other programs

ghewitt | | Permalink

I had a problem with reports in Sage; I installed the Nokia Ovi-Suite and this fouled up the reporting. Apparently Sage, for some unknown reason looked at the language files in the Nokia directory. Took off the Nokia stuff and all was well.

what will tomorrow bring.....

katespencer | | Permalink

Thanks for all your replies gentlemen, I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow.


Short date format correct

katespencer | | Permalink

The short date format was correctly shown as 13/05/2011 in the control panel, first thing this morning; but the P&L preview did not generate. 

I have noticed that the default P&L generates fine. So I am going to create a new COA in case my old one got corrupted when upgrading from v12 to v17, and see if that fixes it



katespencer | | Permalink

To give some closure to this thread - the problem persisted until I rolled over to the new financial year. Now it is working fine.


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