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Sage crashes during bank reconciliation

Here we go again....I think. I have just tried to do a reconciliation and Sage just sits there thinking about it. According to Windows task manager it is not responding. I have left it for 30 minutes. As I back up my data everyday, I restored to yesterday evenings and still the programme hangs. Months ago the programme hanged when posting recurring entries and that was due to something called "data corruption". Of course I run the srror check everytime before backing up and all  is reported as OK. Could this be data corruption again? If so, any ideas on how I can proceed to fix this without paying Sage huge sums of money?

Thanks, Peter


Sage Crashing

johndon68 | | Permalink

Which version of Sage 50 and which version of Windows and is the version of Windows 64bit?


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Sage crashes during bank reconciliation

belgarboy | | Permalink

It's Sage 50 Accounts 2010 version, running Windows 7 64 bit

Regards, Peter

Bank Rec

johndon68 | | Permalink

You could try the solution outlined here

There is however, an intrinsic problem with the PDF driver that Sage 50 v16 uses as it is not compatible with 64bit operating systems - this is only fixed with v17 where Sage no longer rely on a 3rd party driver.



Bank Reconciliation crash

tbayliss | | Permalink

It's quite right (as mentioned above) that is to do with the program trying to create the reconciiation report in PDF format but the PDF creation software (which is a virtual printer driver) doesn't work with 64-bit Windows 7. It is not causing any data problems but you need to upgrade to Sage 2011 or run Sage 2010 on an earlier 32-bit OS to avoid this crashing.

I do have sympathy with Sage here as when Sage 2010 was released in summer 2009, Windows 7 64-bit was not yet out and the testing would have been done over several months before.

You will find there are many other programs that do not run at all in 64-bit Windows or only if you get the latest or special 64-bit version. You can get virtualisation software (e.g. Virtual PC from Microsoft) much of it free of charge that lets you run another OS within your existing one, effectively giving you another PC with its own desktop etc. so you can still run software that does not support your PC's main OS. You can even run Windows 95 programs this way. Not an expert on this so not exatly sure which software you need but there may be a solution for you. I have a client who refuses to update his old software - such as Microsoft Office 97(!) as it "does everything he wants" so he uses Virtual PC on his Windows 7 (32-bit) PC to run a Virtual Windows XP machine. 

Tony Bayliss

Sage now have a new PDF

John_B52 | | Permalink

Sage now have a new PDF driver on their support page for Sage 50 2010.  Download it and install.  It worked for us. JB

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