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Sage "failed to connect to Excel"

We use Sage Line 50 and up until recently it connected fine to Excel MS Office 2000.  Someone put a trial version of Office XP/2003 on the machine and Sage started exporting to that.  As it was a trial we decided not to carry on using it and uninstalled it.  Ever since then we are getting an error when Sending to Excel : "failed to connect to Excel"

I have tried to find any settings that will re-point it to the old version, but no joy.  Has anyone else experienced this or can you help?


Sage and Excel - Don't try this at home unless you know what you

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I would guess it would be in the same place that you "delete" users when you get stuck in the loop of "this person is logged in do you want to delete them" which eventually runs out of space and won't let you log in no matter what!

I can tell you where to look, but I've not had to change it, so you might want to get someone "IT" to look if you're not happy

The settings are within the program files rather than in Sage.  The can be found in the following "path"

C Drive

Programme Files


Most of the files can't even be accessed, you will need to select the right company if you have more than one running (check them within the select company screen), most people leave as Company 1, Company 2 etc, but some do change the names so it's not always easy to see which one yo are changing

Hope this helps - or at least gives you an idea of where to start.

If you are not happy with this, and don't have Sage cover to enjoy the long wait on the phone, you might have to re-install Sage so it picks up the only version of Excel you now have.  Try this on a stand alone PC first to see if it reverts.


Thought it might be helpful

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Thought it might be helpful if anyone else gets this problem. I fixed the problem by running Sage as administrator. Close Sage and Excel. Point to Sage icon on desktop, right click and select Run as Administrator.


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