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Sage Line 50 2010 Customer Records for subscribed members of a charity.

Hello all.

I've recently volunteered as the National Finance Officer for a charity I support. They use Sage Line 50 so I'll need to brush up on that (I've got a few weeks experience under my belt, but not for a little while)! The team in the office currently maintain the list of members in Access and process subscriptions paid as journals in Sage. The membership team are looking to raise the cash to invest in a better database program (including some functionality to record product sales to, and additional donations from, individual subscribed members) but my first thought was that we ought to look into integrating the database with the finance software.

What does anyone think to the idea of using Sage as the membership database? Then the subscription charges could be posted to the system via invoice and the cash receipts recorded. Mail order product sales etc could also be recorded against the member. There would need to be a method of recording lapsed memberships.

There would need to be functionality to show different classes of member, but I guess this could be done by segregating the account numbers into ranges.

There would also, however, be a need to use the members list for correspondance etc which I guess could be managed via .CSV exports.

An alternative could be add on programs that might handle this need better? They would have to be cheap of course! Would ACT! fulfill this requirement? I know it's aimed at customers, but if it holds the right data it might well work...


Any thoughts would be very much appreciated! If any further explanation or clarification is needed, please feel free to ask...

Thanks for reading


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Don't see why Sage can't do the whole thing!

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Members become customers. Subs can be processed as Invoices/Customer payments - there is a memorise function that allows for tedious postings to be 'remembered'. As you say - this would also allow for customer goods purchase tracking (and stock control!).

One way of isolating different classes of membership is by using Departments.

Correspondence can be generated by using the letter-writer / statement routines - or the report generator for more involved stuff. CSV if you have to, but brings its own headaches.

Anniversaries / lapsed membership could be handled using the various credit control features.

I haven't worked with Sage in the last couple of years (small business seem to be favouring QuickBooks these days!) but my feeling would be that ACT! or other database-type app would probably cause as much integration /learning curve worries as it solves, when simply using the built-in Sage customers routines would handle the whole thing.

Use the funding to send a key person on a Sage course (you could always investigate what's availlable for development funding).



Finance & database integration with CRM

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I think there is a very simple solution to your problem. The latest version of Omni Accounts (7.8.56) has integrated CRM. The whole System runs on "Firebird" database (an open source database that is well tried and tested, and trusted) - which allows full interrogation. This will allow you to have "customers", keep a record of all the correspondence with them (all via the same accounting software) and look after the full "stock control". Importing data from your current accounting only system should be straightforward.

All the reporting options are integrated as well. You can export the data to Excel at the push of a button.

If you want to give it a try contact me: [email protected] and I will happily send you a disc to try out. We are starting to build a web site, which is still under construction, but you can have a look at: .



ACT! and Sage

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 ACT! would give you more flexibility and allow you to track other important people such as fundraisers, prospects etc and send targeted letters, and emails and newsletters (using ACT!'s e-marketing addon).  

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