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Sage payroll 50 Professional back up

Can anyone help with a sage payroll back-up query?

I manage a payroll bureau with approximately 400-500 clients.

Our I.T advisers back up the payroll data to our server; however if we have a problem with corrupted data (occurs every so often usually after an upgrade), we never seem to be able to restore the data, due to it not backed up in the sage back-up format. Also we override the additional back-up tape every 2 weeks; and these corrupted files can occur at any time; therefore it is not easy to identify when the corruption occured and to identify which back up to restore.

I have spoken to Sage advisers on numerous occasions and their advice has always been to back-up each individual client through the sage back-up facility. Unfortunately this takes too much time.

Does anyone have a solution to this before I assign a days work to a member of staff to perform a back-up each month of each client?

I cannot beleive Sage do not incorporate an easy way to do multiple back-ups of clients data. I have requested they add this function to their wish list.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.







PeterGrimley | | Permalink

  Assuming you're networked and have plenty of hard disk space, just do a simple copy onto another (or use a few pc's in a set routine) hard disk of the data directory (where you see company.001, 002 etc). Each time you do it you can copy it to a new folder (dated?).

When something goes wrong with one company you will have several copies in dated folders to copy back over and work back through till cotrruption disappears.

There are various flavours of this, using removeable hard drives, zip drives, compression etc etc.

Hope this is of some help.


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Backup options

kevin503 | | Permalink

Do you have 400-500 real client folders on the system, or do you overwrite and reuse a specific number?

If you have all client data as real folders on the server, then have your IT provider create a weekly backup routine to back up each of these client folders. If the folders are named in a methodical way, it makes a restore easier. Restore via. backup software/routine rather than through Sage payroll.

The Payroll data is actually in a .mdb file, so very easy to identify and move. Also zips down very effectively (being such a bloated file format).

Backup routine would be something like Backup folder Client X, put file in PayrollBackups\Client x\week [or bak or whatever] Move on to next client folder and repeat. The server would then have a full backup history for each client. Easiest way for this to run would be a scheduled script (even basic command line .bat file would work) which ran automatically as a scheduled routine.

Personally I would use a script to run with WinZip or similar, and let the script do all the naming work and compression work, then allow the tape backup routine to then write the data to external media. That way you have quick access from the server, and external media for disaster recovery.


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Back Ups

NeilSeekings | | Permalink


There is now a credible alternative that will take away your issues, MyPAYE is an online SaaS Payroll which has a Partner Program allowing you to interact with clients and now has a Sage link which will allow clients to pull paydata back into Sage.  You will also find it more cost effective.

MyPAYE is an online secure service which is fully HMRC acredited therefore you have no back up liability as the service is automatically backed up and has 3 line server redundancy.

I would love to discuss it with you further.

Neil Seekings

Sales Director


[email protected]

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Do backups using Sage first

petersaxton | | Permalink

I do backups before updating and after updating as I process the payroll.

If you then backup all the files to the server as part of your normal backup routine I don't see that you have a problem.


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Backup Utility

Tom Hartopp | | Permalink

If you consider taking the route of copying folders my company offer a "freeware" utility (that is in development and therefore subject to change) that has been dubbed PCFileManager. It provides a visual view of 2 folders (one being your "live" data and the second your "backup") highlighting differences in sub-folder and file content. The present version (freely availabe at allows you to navigate up and down the directory structure with options to copy files/folders. A revision is shortly being released (next week or so) with expanded actions that will include the ability to copy the complete directory structure and file contents from a given "parent" folder to a backup folder. It is intended to provide file/folder catalogue, description and keyword search features to PCFileManager at a future date (hopefully not too distant). The current version may, however, be of use to members adopting the approach suggested and might be useful for other purposes (e.g. performing incremental back up/review of personal folders containing your pictures or music files etc.).

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