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Sage Remittance Advice – Account Number Field


I pay most of my suppliers through internet banking.

After I have completed the internet bank transaction, I record the purchase invoice as paid, and then use the Bank Remittance report in Sage.

I email remittances to my suppliers, so after previewing the remittance advice, I export it as a pdf and then attach it to an email.

My larger suppliers have given me, as their customer, an account number, and they, sensibly, request that this is shown on a remittance advice.

Sage’s remittance advice doesn’t have a field to show the account number given to me by my suppliers.

Nor can I find a field in the supplier’s record on Sage where this can be recorded, and then subsequently entered as a variable using the report designer.

Can anyone tell me how I can do this?

As an aside, the remittance advice template has a grey background which, apart from looking quite unpleasant, if printed will use unnecessary and wasteful amounts of printer ink.

I have redesigned my sales invoices to appear smart and highly professional, but have hit a wall on removing the tombstone grey from the remittance advice.

Any help here would be appreciated.

I am using Sage 50 Accounts Professional 2010 (V16)


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Remittance advice

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There is no field in the Supplier record for an account number, however, there are a couple of fields that you probably don't use eg. Trade Contact or Telephone 2, that you could use instead.

In the chosen field on each supplier account type the words "Account No: 1234567" then add that field to the remittance using report designer. Alternativly just type the actual account number into the chosen field then add a text box in report designer for the title.

With regard to the grey background, you will only see this in report designer. It does not print on the actual copy. To prove this,  try sending one to a supplier who's email address is not set up in Sage it will be sent to your inbox. Double click the attachment and you will see the grey background is not there when it is received. Remember to delete it after viewing.

-- Witch-Queen

Supplier code in remittance advice

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I'm glad you brought this up, as this is the same problem I have been having with trying to add the supplier code to my Purchase orders - so will do this also to that to get it to print on the PO form.


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Supplier Order No

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Hi, I usually use the box in the bank section "BACS ref".   Then in report design insert the field Purchase_Ledger - BACS_ref.  You will have to find appropriate area to show this, I sometimes show under the cheque number and add a text box.

If you do not like working with the back ground "grey" this can be removed in template - Properties / appearance / template - just clear the field and the background with disappear.




-- Complete Book-Keeping Ltd


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If you are e-mailing all your remittance advices, then you could set up the e-mail properties of the advice and when you generate them, click on the email button rather than print or export and it will place them in your outlook inbox (assuming you're using outlook!) with the email address already set for your supplier (you have set up email addresses on your supplier accounts) and the remittance advice attached as a pdf.  From there you can review and email.  I believe you can set it so that it emails straight away without the review, but I like to look at them first before sending them.  The ask sage website will give you instructions on how to set this up.

In my version of Sage (Profesionsal, 2010) you cannot make changes to the set layouts and save them - you have to "save as..." if you make any changes.  If someone knows different, please let me know!

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Save As

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I believe they made the Save As as so many "fiddled" with templates over wrote them and had errors with no original templates to go back to.  The field can be amended on the report design - Go to email options - Save emails to mailbox.   Please ensure you do not put "ENTER REPORT" as ALL reports will be batched into 1 PDF report.  If further options use group 3 or similar and complete a trial first.  Unfortunately in CIS statements their is only entire report option.

-- Complete Book-Keeping Ltd


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just a note to say thanks to everyone for their help and advice.



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