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Sage update not completing on windows 7 laptop

My colleague has windows 7 on his laptop. He has installed Sage 2009 and is trying to download updates. he can choose to download the updates but the computer pauses for a few minutes while it looks like the update is running, but then sage just closes. I know there is a fix but i cannot find it - can anyone help?

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Sage updates

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Has he tried downloading the updates from the Sage website and installing them that way, instead of using the update feature of the program?

I have had a simelar problem with v2010 on win xp, but by downloading them and saving to the PC them installing they worked fine.

If you don't have a log-in for the sage website, email me at [email protected] and I can donwload them for you and email them

-- Witch-Queen

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With Vista and 7 the you cannot update the programme, you need to right click on the icon, then select run as administrator, then select yes when the window opens, this will then allow the update to write to the programme.


You will need to do this before opening the programme.


Hope that helps

Sage update not completing on windows 7 laptop

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The updates funcyionality for Sage 2009 on Windows Vista and Windows 7 is different from that of running Sage 2009 on Window XP.

There is a dat file within Sage which needs to be deleted and thereafter you will be able to run the Sage updates for the program to work.

I would be willing to assist with the procedure if you are still encountering the problem as mentioned by Lorang. 

Should you still require the procedure, kindly email [email protected] and I would sent to you.

However, if you have Sage Cover, call them and inform them that your company etc recently bought a computer and you encountering such a problem which they will be able to assist.

Either way, let me know per above email stated



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