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Sage v16 - possible corrupt data

I need a bit of advice - have a client where the data seems to be corrupt.  Took backup from client site & brought home XmasEve.  Restored with an error but all seemed OK so worked on the data.  Took backup again and took it back to client site - wouldn't restore - said some weird directory/file was missing.  Half hour to sage - suggested go home & take data only backup.  Did that - in fact took 3 backups (2 data only, one full) and only one of them worked.  Since it worked I worked for the day at the client.  Now back in my office and neither the full or data only backup from the client computer will restore.   Getting a very weird (different) path that appears to be missing (has square symbols among the letters) - missing path is different for full and data backups.

Can anyone offer any advice please before client has to pay out for Sage to repair?


Data Corruption

johndon68 | | Permalink

What exactly is the message you are getting on restore - it may not be data corruption just that one file has an issue and could, possibly, be renamed...

If the data is genuinely corrupt, not wishing to sound like an advert but I'd be happy to have a look at the data on a 'no fix, no fee basis' if you want.  I'll have a look and see if it can be fixed then get back to you and you can then decide to go ahead or not - if you don't there is no cost involved at all and if you do go ahead, the cost will be less than Sage would charge...

John (Sage Developer & Ex Senior Analyst Programmer at Sage) 

Thank you

tltodman | | Permalink

...for your speedy reply and kind offer.  Will send a private message this evening when I get half a mo.



johndon68 | | Permalink


Just wanted to check that you got my reply to your message?


Not yet

tltodman | | Permalink

hi John

No, not yet. I'll send a message to you now with my email so you can send direct.



johndon68 | | Permalink

Hi Tracy,

I've sent you an email direct.




abacusacc | | Permalink

Just a thought as had this problem, have you confirmed both copies of sage are  the same version.



tltodman | | Permalink

Yes, identical versions - but defnitely worth mentioning.  Backup one to the other all the time - until this happened...

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