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Stock taking for retail, Sage 50 accounts and technology

 Running a retail business has its chalenges, one of which is knowing what stocks we have, the value of these stock and where our company stands with its inventory.

By using Sage 50 accounts we can monitor the stock, what the levels are and when we need to reorder.

At each stage of a stocktake for a company with say 35000 items we need to get our selves ready points that are important.

  1. the records written must be easy to read by all
  2. organization of items in areas counted
  3. making sure you have enough staff at hand
  4. making sure that the process does not effect the daily sales
  5. Update your Sage

What cost would you contibute to this essential business practice?

  • The hours that is spent to do a stock take
  • The staff that is required
  • mounting costs

Perhaps there is another way?

Yes AccuCount with is automatic interface into Sage 50 Accounts can simplify the process by use a wireless scanner to perform physical counts. AccuCOUNT compares these numbers with the quantity on hand from your accounting program, allowing seamless adjustments in a fraction of the time.

want to

Stock taking is simplified


Is this post Spam?

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Time to be banned I think.


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Certainly looks like it to me...


I was under the impression

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 I was under the impression that this site is for accountants that want to know what Accounting complications are about, discussions on different accounting applications, 3rd party addons, to share ideas etc.


I have seen links posted to Sage website as an anwer to a question raised.

So if you consider valuable informations spam then we will never know what solutions are out there for our clients.


If it...

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 ...walks like a duck, swims like a duck, & quacks like a duck, then.....

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"As an answer to a question raised"

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Think you hit the nail on the head there....

Pure & simple advertising .....

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'.. I have seen links posted to Sage website as an anwer to a question raised ..'

The difference that in those instances a 3rd party started the thread - Sage did not raise the issue and then post a link to their own site

This is pure and simple advertising and frankly it is surprising that the Aweb moderators have let you get away with this bearing in mind they are so 'hot' in other areas

Actually you have probably done yourselves more harm than good by abusing this facility - own goal; because a lot of this community take a very dim view of these tactics and if you don't play by the rules here why should anyone trust you in business?

I understand your argument and it is valid

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 I understand your argument and it is valid.


I missunderstood the purpose of this service. Please cancell all and remove my name from your mailing list.


Thank you.


(By the way we deal with more than 300 accounting firms in the UK alone, therefore it was important to see the accounts point of view.)

waiting to be removed

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 Seems that you and other officers within your organization feel that freedom of information is advertizing.


Please cancell our account.


Thank you

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