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What should I replace Sage 50 Accounts with?

I am responsible for three unrelated companies, all using Sage.  In one company I "upgraded" from version 12 to Sage 50 Accounts 2009.  That experience convinced me not to "upgrade" the other two companies.  Too many shortcomings in speed, screen layouts, exporting data, functions which don't appear to work and lack of proper support from Sage -  It's time to move on...  Any suggestions?  



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Subject to being given more information I would go for QuickBooks.

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Another option is TASBooks. Well known for being exceptionally user friendly and, nowadays, lightning fast. Though owned by Sage since 2001, TAS Software has remained a separate division.

There is a TAS Books Discussion Group here too.

Maybe give it more time and training

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 I am not sure what you mean by bad screen layouts ,  all my clients find them very useful.  the grass is not always greener.

Bad screen layouts

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Examples of bad screen layouts -

On Supplier or Customer Activity I want to see the activity, not the detail - I know I can click "hide detail" but is there a way to have the default "show detail"?

On Bank Reconciliation, most of the screen is devoted to reconciled items.  I know I can pull down the line to show more of the unreconciled items but this is a further irritation.

What do you want to acheive?

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If you are going to make the jump to another system, maybe now is the time to look at your needs and try to design the system arround what you want it to do, rather that what a bespoke system will do.

Do you need stock control, project management, actual v budget, departments, multi-currency, multi-location, margin reporting? Do you want it to link to another system to avoid rekeying data? Or do you want a basic book-keeping package?

Look at your requirements and then post again. It is easier to make a recommendation with the full facts.

Replacement for Sage L50

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Diamond Discovery is a suite of software that handles multiple companies (as separate entities or with consolidation) - for no additional cost. It is well established (been going longer than Sage), and can is modular in form, allowing users to add functionality as they require. 


Many customers have upgraded from Sage to Diamond, and we can provide references as required. A ajor advantage is that we are not a corporate monstrosity, but a well set up small company that understands the needs of other small companies.


Dave Tooke 

contact me at [email protected]


what do you want to achieve

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 I agree with the comment about what you want to achieve , for example some of my clients have CIS module on sage and it is great for CIS but not everyone needs this.  Also do you need a purchase ordering system for example .  Everyone works slightly different to each other.  I might have a go and see if you can default the screen to show details rather then having to hide it.  Some of my clients use that feature very heavily for their Creditors and Debtors, but I don,t need it but my clients would be lost without it.  Will you be the only person using the software, it is just something else to consider.

Hope this helps , for example I don,t think IRIS as a project costing function which most of my clients use heavily. You may or may not need that.


What do I want to achieve?

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Perhaps the answer is a supported version 12 of Line 50.

Company 1 - my main job - is an engineering contractor.  We have written in house database applications covering all aspects of the business except the basic accounting - SL PL NL and cash book. We also run Sage payroll.

Company 2 - management accounts for a small foreign owned manufacturing company.  A simple accounting system although multi currency is essential - the group operates SAP but this company is too small to justify installing SAP.

Company 3 - a charity which requires a simple system to track income and expenditure using departments to track multiple revenue streams and associated costs.

Decisions on changing software in companies 2 and 3 are not entirely mine, but I prefer to keep life simple and use the same basic accounting system in all three.

Replace SAGE with TurboCASH on GoPC.net

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 Use an Open Source product.  GoPC.net is a particularly interesting one.  This is a cloud offering that is not a web based solution.

They are all good alternatives to SAGE.

See www.gopc.net





Alternatives to Sage

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Have you thought about (or even heard of!) Omni Accounts? We run three businesses, 2 manufacturing and 1 contracting, in the UK and another in the Czech Republic, manufacturing. All are run off Omni. It deals with the usual accounting, with excellent reporting procedures, as well as the complete stock control with recipes for manufacturing.  Foreign currencies are easy. We work in GB £, US Dollars, Euros & Cz Korunas. Both buying and selling.

We have imported data from Sage Line 100, and managed to make it work! Exporting to Excel is a matter of a couple of keystrokes. You only pay for what you want, and if you want more just add the switches and it works. It has been proven for over 10 years.

Best of all you can try it free of charge! We have just taken this product on for the UK so if you would like to try it just contact me (Robert Hall on 01488 686311, [email protected]) and I will send you a disc. We have an introductory session on 8th April if you would like to attend.

I hope this is the answer to your prayers.

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Where please?

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I have, as suspected, never heard of Omni Accounts but, as I write a technology for accountants blog, I thought I would have a look.  Your homepage at http://www.omni-accounts.co.uk/ simply has a sign-up form for your presentation - but gives no hint of the location.  Is it an online presentation?

Adrian Pearson, Top Accountants

Omni Accounts Presentation Location

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We have invited the existing UK users of Omni Accounts to a presentation to review the latest Release (March 2010). However anyone interested would be most welcome to attend.

The presentation is in Hungerford, Berkshire, RG17 0QP, and will be by Chris and Andy Kudla, the originators of Omni. There will be two presentations: 09:30 - 12:30 & 13:30 - 16:30 with light refreshments. All at no cost. The software is originally from South Africa and was updated from DOS to Windows in about 2001.

We have used it extensively in our international manufacturing business for a number of years and it has never missed a beat. Annual updates take a matter of minutes - far different to what I read about Sage updates.

If you want to come along let me know - you would be more than welcome.

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Not Quickbooks

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 I would not recommend Quickbooks.  It is an American programme and does not handle v.a.t. very well.  I have had problems with it in that direction. Also, the cover is extremely expensive, like for example, £25 a call!

If I was you, I would persevere with Sage.  I'm sure they will iron out all your little problems soon and I don't think you can beat it really.




Sage Activity screen

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For info, if you click on Show details and leave this option on, Sage will remember this and always display the details unless you click on Hide details again.  This is also true of the selection of the transaction ranges at the top, they remain until you change them.

Omni accounts. Who?

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This site has a lot more info. May be helpful to some.




Omni Accounts. Who?

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Unfortunately the omniaccounts.com website is many years out of date - the software has moved on dramatically since 6 or 7 years ago.

A more up to date solution (short term) would be www.omniaccounts.co.za .

Whilst this is the South African web site the functionality is well demonstrated. Alternatively contact me (01488 686 311) for UK information. I can send you a disc to try out and see if you like it, and, more importantly, it will do what you want it to.

Being a user, we probably understand the functionality far better than any normal re-seller! We are also happy to answer questions directly.

Alternatives to Sage

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Or try www.discoveryerp.com to look at Diamond Discovery.

This product is modular, well tried and tested, with hundreds of happy customers.

References can be given on request.

It covers the whole range from a single user Instant Accounts type solution all the way through to a full blown Commercial application competing at Sage 200 level. Replacing Sage 50 is bread and butter...

Upgrading between editions, or addition of modules, is a simple licence key update. The database is the same whatever level you operate at, simply with added functions and more users available as you progress. Each edition allows 100 companies - at no additional cost.

This feature also makes it especially suitable for accountants in practice - running a bureau type solution writing up client accounts.


Dave Tooke

[email protected]

0844 74 00 724

Mamut have many solutions that are available for your problem.

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 I was a Sage man but after having a night of SAGE RAGE just after upgrading once I decided that I would always try and not use it.  I now sell Mamut which I find to be more user friendly than Sage.

Please check Mamut out on our web site.

www.coolbluec.co.uk , this is in need of an update so I apologise if you do go on it.



Bad Interface

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Where shall I start! I mostly use the Sage 50 Accounts SOP and I too cannot believe how awful the interface is. I cannot enlarge windows to look at my entire description entry, it is even smaller in 2009 than our much earlier version, I can't customise the columns I want to view, we have to add a job number to the front of the description as if I view the customer activity history, it only lists by invoice number. The orders page only shows order numbers not job descriptions, so it is difficult to track down old repeat orders, and I'm about the start doing invoice entries, I wonder what horrors lie in that direction!

OK, rant over, and I might be missing something, but I find it very strange that a company such as Sage with so many users, cannot update the software past the almost dos based interface.  I use many DTP type programs and am used to all sorts of layouts, from the professional to the basic, but  all of the interfaes are better than Sage. Surely enlarging an input field is basic functionality?

So it is with this in mind that I'm after a more user friendly, customizable product that helps me, not Sage, earn the money! I look forward to investigating all the options suggested in this forum.

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Sage Add On

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Have you considered any alternative to Sage SOP - I'm a Sage Business Partner in the Developer Programme and have a 3rd party add-onn that integrates seamlessly with Sage Instant and Line 50. It was developed some years ago by my company as a direct result of my involvement in the joint ownership of a couple of businesses in Coventry (engineering and printing). I parted company with both businesses and returned to my "real job" in the software development sector and have continued the development of this "software solution". The release last year of the SDK (Software Development Kit) for Instant Accounts has given me a target market that I believe my company might be of service to. Its early days in that project but I have the bones of a web site that you might consider visiting (www.orbitall.co.uk) with a gallery of screen shots that, hopefully, provide a good view of the areas the software addresses, which include POP, BOM, Inventory Control (to MOD standards), Production Orders and Process Instructions. I'd welcome any feedback if you should decide to review what's on offer.

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VT is great

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Easy to use, easy to navigate and well proced.  It won't do stock control, but if you are just looking for a good solid bookkeeping package, you can't go wrong with this one.

Helpful Hints for Sage Window Interface and missing Headings.

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 Sage interface .  Hope this is helpful.

(Please Note I am using Version 2009 so any versions below this some of my points may or may not apply)

Widen individual columns 

This applies to all windows within sage 

  • Go to your column heading that is shaded in in grey and go to right side where the column ends and your cursor should turn to double cross this allows you to widen any column you prefer by dragging it wider.    
  • This applies in Sop where you can make your description column as wide as you like within your SOP order, purchase order ,sales invoice. Actually you can do this where you have shaded headings in most windows of sage .

Making Widows Bigger 

  • In any window on your  top right hand corner of the individual window you have 3 options just like excel  to make it smaller , minimize bigger or close it.  This applies to everything.


  • Your can put your cursor anywhere on the outskits of your window and your cursor will change to a line with arrows either end  this allows you to drag it to the size you specifically would like. This feature is just like excel. 

 missing headings that people used to have and cannot find now.

 Sage's idea is that you can fix it to suit individual needs. This is not a feature everyone likes or was aware of . I am sure a lot of people know this but from my experience a lot of users do not , so  I hope this helps.

  • No matter where you are looking for information on sage you probably think, I would also like to have that heading when I am searching for things  for example when I am completing  my bank Rec.  
  1. what ever ledger you are  in Customers , Purchases , Bank , SOP , POP , Products . Maintence if you go to any heading where the heading is shaded in grey , if you right click your mouse all the options of different headings that you may require come up and you can pick the headings that will suit you.  

This is a very useful tool for instance , I found it quite useful in the Bank Rec were I could add the suppliers code and Customer Code , that is just an example .

View or print  Activities and history in whatever order that would help.

Again  I am sure some may know this, but it is for anyone who does not .  As most are aware when you are doing your bank rec you are able to tell Sage to put the transactions  in date order , ref order, description , amount and others.

  • This now also applies to everything, when your searching in every ledger, eg Sales invoices , any viewing activities customer, bank activity to name but a few 
  • Just Double click on the Heading you want it in order, and it will do it . You can then you use your print list option  and also using custom range and other options to really narrow the information that you require.
  • This can help for example in the purchase ledger , you could put it in Date Order , Invoice Ref order .  Amount order , tick O/S items only ,which ever is more helpful at that time.

Just a few examples:

Sometimes if we are searching maintenance for corrections , by adding the heading we want , if someone had entered the right amount, wrong Vat code , wrong date , and we cannot find it anywhere  you could put it in amount order to see everything entered with that amount , or Vat code order for example. description order.

 Unfortunately  when you are making supplier payments you can not do this.  

but as Witch Queen has pointed out below you now can for Version 2010 , which is brillant  that in it self is worth upgrading for . 

Hope this helps 

Kind Regards 

Sarah @ Douglas Accountancy and Bookkeeping Services ,Glasgow

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Re: Helpful Hints for Sage - a couple of points

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"View or print  Activities and history in whatever order that would help" - Note: in older versions of Line 50, the 'Date' sort in Customers and Suppliers Activity never really worked properly.

"Unfortunately  when you are making supplier payments you can not do this" - In Sage 2010 you now can. Sage have added functions to allow the Suppliers Payment and Customer Payment screen to be put in any order you require by clicking on the column heading as you described. They have also added the ability to filter these lists by date to either only show those invoices that are due or to only show thoses in a date range.

-- Witch-Queen

Purchase Payments

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 To Witch Queen

I am really interested in the purchase payments side and I was at the Beta test of Sage Line 50 2010, I wish they had highlight this as I would have upgraded some my clients .

Just to clarify 

When your in the actual purchase payment you can tell it for example just to show the Jan invoices outstanding ?

I know a lot of clients that would find this useful.

I will go and try it out on my accountants club copy. 


Sarah @ Douglas Accountancy and Bookkeeping Services , Glasgow  

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Re: Purchase Payments

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Hi Sarah,

Yes correct. And it works both in Purchase and Sales Payments.

After you have entered the Account, Date, Reference & Amount as normal, the next time you hit 'tab' it takes you to a line placed between the payment details and the list of invoices.

There is then a dropdown menu where you can choose either 'Due' or 'Date range'. The Due shows exactly what it says based on the terms for that account. The Date Range allows you to specify a 'From' and a 'To' so you only see the ones you need.

Used in conjunction with the new ability to put the columns in order (Date, Invoice No. whatever) this now makes it a lot easier to find those invoices you want to match off against the payment, where the list is long and the invoices where not input in the order received.

Yes, I agree, based on this new function alone I have upgraded many of my clients to 2010. I was not in the Beta test for this version, but as I do bookkeeping for some clients, and use all parts Line 50 on a daily basis, (and have done since version 4) I pride myself on knowing my way round it.

If you have any more queries about 2010, or any other version, feel free to email me as [email protected]

-- Witch-Queen

Purchase Payments and Training

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 To Witch Queen 

Thank you for your help. This will be really useful , and much appreciated.  I have just just started using  their CT lite and SAP and have a had a few training days with Sage which I really enjoyed.

I do not know whether you or anyone else agrees,  I think some of the complaints about Sage, not all by any means or due to lack of training or just not knowing how to do things. Eg  myself with the Purchase Payments.  

I think this is the same with every piece of software . I even see it with excel and word  when I am out and about and sometimes have to show people the basics .

I  love taking time out  to go for training . I have never found it not to benefit , if anything it has saved a lot of time and money. 

For anyone, is it worth considering that if you are looking to  change any software.

Would a couple of training sessions cost you less then changing software?

 Allow you to make a informed decision about changing , as this may turn out to be a cheaper option for you in the future.

Kind regards 

Sarah @ Douglas Accountancy and Bookkeeping Services . Glasgow 

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Re: Training

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Hi Sarah,

Don't get me started! I had a right rant at someone in one of these posts who was maligning Line 50, when they themselves didn't even use it and had no idea how to use it.

Yes I agree, training is key to all software (I teach as well as use Sage, and act as support to many companies) but in many cases I find that someone who has taken Sage training, for example, has learned the basics in theory, but has difficulty in relating this to their own bookkeeping. That is why I always teach using the clients paperwork, and only teach those parts of the program that they will actually use. If they then want to use more of the program at a later date, then I will teach that when they need it.

I am also an Accountants Club member and use all Sage software: Line 50 Client Manager, Payroll Bureau, AP Lite, Taxation Suite, CT Lite and Time & Fees but contrary to my advise above, I have never taken training in any of them. I find it too expensive and the training is held too far away from me to make it worth while.

 -- Witch-Queen

Sage rants

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Sorry but I am one who rages against Sage.  I have used some 8 accounting packages in small companies over the last 30 years and my considered opinion that it Sage is easily the worst and the difference between Sage and the second worst is not marginal believe me.  Those who support Sage invariably turn out to have no experience with anything else - Sage has a tremendous marketing department but you must look beyond that before choosing a package.


Reporting, drill down, screen layouts, speed (especially on a network), reliability, cost, cost of support (theft would be a better word for that) etc etc.  Sage is an 80's product still being sold in 2010.

Training & Changing Software

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 To try and explain. 

I was trying to make a point about training not necessarily with sage but some form of training. I also teach sage and  I have worked with quite a  few accountancy packages over the years.  I like the training because I always come out with new ideas.

I was not trying to say one package is better than the other. I was trying to raise the question no matter what the software is, have they been trained to use it properly before they consider jumping ship.  If you have already purchased an accounts software and do not like it, this could cost a lot of money to change it again.  When it might be the case, that they would benefit by paying for some training or even try to re train themselves.   This is in regards to the original Post as well as other comments.  

Recently I have changed over to apple .  I now have the best of both worlds with Windows and Snow Leopard using a software called fusion but I only know this from completing some training.

I am very open to people making comments about software, but I do think the comments have to be fair.  There is no way anyone can know everything about any piece of software, hence why I think these sessions are good.

For example some may feel the package is slow, but there are points that people have made were they are open to any help, and others that are just stating they do not like it but about things that it does actually do.  

I was at a IRIS presentation in London and for instance it does not at the moment do project costing, which I use but that does not mean I would right it off, because one of its strong points is it based online which I like.

I pay for cover for my Sage and I am very quick to ring them for anything and encourage my staff to do the same instead of asking me.  My clients have said they find the Payroll cover is excellent, maybe not the accounts as much. which is why most do not pay for the accounts. We use every module including CiS so we do get the benefit or our cover.  

Finally I am always interested in learning about new products.   

Kind regards

Sarah @ Douglas accountancy & Bookkeeping Services . Glasgow 

Sage Reporting

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Hi Sarah

Interested in new products? If you are interested in some excellent reporting options from Sage 50 which are incredibly easy to use then give me an email.

I have a product which can produce a detailed management reporting pack from Sage data in a matter of seconds.

I also have a paperless working paper system for accountants in practice.

I look forward to hearing from you

Kind regards



[email protected]


Training is not the issue with Sage

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I am afraid that training is not the issue with Sage 2010 accounts.  It is the fact that it does not work well on a network especially if their is an anti-virus programme particularly Symantec.  I fail to understand why Sage being such a large company do not discuss this issue with the major anti-virus companies.

In addition I have been asking Sage every year for the last 15 years to make it possible to search for a customers account by doing a postcode search like many other softwares allow one to do.  They tell me that there is no demand for this!

In my opinion Sage do not deserve the following of their loyal customers


Sage software MySQL

sarah douglas | | Permalink

 There will probably only be one more Version of Line 50 in the present format before Sage MySQL comes out, there will be far greater functionality with this software.

To such customers list for a specific post code

markbeesley | | Permalink


If I’ve understood you correctly the below search criteria applied in the customer ledger should give you what you need, this has been available at least from version 14.  Search Join = Where Field = Registered Address Line 5 Condition = Is Equal ToValue = The Customers Post Code You Are Looking For


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Postcode or any search

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Another tip on the seach function anywhere in the Sage program is to use the 'wild card'.

I have used this successfully for a client who owns a franchise for a geographical area, which was based on postcode, who was looking to sell part of his area.

Take for example your Postcode search. In Customer list click the Search Button then, using the dropdowns, enter the parameters as correctly shown by markbeesley above.

In the last cell use the * (asterisk) symbol as a wild card. So if I wanted to show all say NG7 post codes my search would be NG7 * (remember to leave the space between the 7 and the *)

For all NG postcodes the search would be NG* and so on.

This method works in all parts of the program where the search is available.

-- Witch-Queen

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Thanks for the tips and comments on training

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

Sarah & Witch Queen,

thanks for your perceptive comments about training and workarounds. While I fully acknowledge users' frustrations with Sage's functionality (and have based articles on the points raised), there's a lot of truth in your comments that user error/ignorance are to blame for many scenarios because not enough time nor effort have been put into training.

I also thought that the two tips provided in this thread were a good step towards helping other users overcome some of their difficulties. Do you think it's worth starting a new thread in this group about Sage 50 productivity tips?

I'm thinking that if we gather together a reasonable collection from members of this group, we could put it out on wider release across AccountingWEB. Be interested in hearing your reactions - and whether you've got other suggestions for other Sage 50 time-saving tips. If you think it's a good idea, feel free to kick off such a thread yourself.

If you haven't the time, I'll see what reaction the suggestion gets and might start one up on Wednesday if there's any momentum behind it.

Cheers, John

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Sage Tips

Witch-Queen | | Permalink

Hi John,

What a great idea!

As you have probably noticed, I regularly stick my oar in when someone asks anything about Line 50 in Any Answers, or in this thread since it began. Several of the people I have helped have also emailed me and asked for my phone number for further help or clarification, which I am always happy to give. I even had one person email me who had Googled 'Sage Help' and found one of my answers on this site, and I am now teaching her, from scratch, how to use the program with lessons over the phone. I do not charge for my time or my help.

I would be more than happy to help any Line 50 users with 'how to' questions. (Just not at the end of the month or in January please. lol)

I have been a daily user of the program since the old DOS based Sage Sterling Version 4, and have used every version since. I use it for a variety of different clients in all types and sizes of business, and I probably know more about its day to day use than most of the Sage help desk staff, who are not actual users, they just read answers from a script and cannot apply the answers to the clients type of business.

I will start the new thread off with the 'wild card' tip and hope others will follow.

-- Witch-Queen

Helpful Hints New Thread.

sarah douglas | | Permalink

 Hi John 

I think this a great idea and Witch Queen has started the new thread and I have added to it.  So I would like to encourage anyone no matter how small the productivity ideas or hints maybe, please do not presume we all know, the likely hood is that not everyone will, as everyone uses the system differently. 

Kind Regards Sarah @Douglas Accountancy & Bookkeeping Services Glasgow 

Post Code Customer Search

PeterNatt | | Permalink

Thanks for your reply regarding the post code search and also how to use the wild card when searching for a customers post code.  Your respnse is much appreciated.

What I have actually wanted Sage to do is to provide a field adjacent to the Customers Account Number field within the invoicing module so that when entering a new customers order instead of typing in the customers account number one would type in the customers post code as so many customers now automatically give one their post code when ordering goods over the phone as this is what other suppliers ask them for.


Search in a/c

Anonymous | | Permalink

When opening up the a/c list within the invoicing screens, you can apply a similar postcode search as above.

This is a bit fiddly and takes a few clicks if you're doing every time though - they could make this easier!  The chances are the developers haven't even thought of this as an issue...

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Customers Postcode

Witch-Queen | | Permalink

Hi PeterNatt

I don't know what system you use for allocating account numbers to customer accounts but, as I'm sure you know, you can use any alpha numeric you choose up to a Max of 8 characters.

This may sound a silly idea, but have you never thought of using the customers postcode as the customer number when you first set up the account? Most postcodes are 8 digits even with the space, and if you had 2 customers with the same postcode them you could vary the last couple of characters. So if you had 2 customers with postcode AB1 2CD then add the house number so number 20 would be AB12CD20, number 100 could be AB12C100 etc.

Like I said, probably a silly idea but in your case it could work.

 -- Witch-Queen

Code Changer

19kings | | Permalink

And if you need to change your existing codes here is a fantastic program to do it with

Code Changer from www.adeptcom.co.uk

Customer postcode as a/c no.

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Hi Witch-Queen

It's a nice idea to assist with this particular task, but would this reduce the usefulness of the 'assist' dropdown when posting? If the a/c no. reflects the customer's name Sage will help with possible a/c IDs as you type the a/c no in or are not sure what the a/c ID is. You probably wouldn't know what the customer's postcode was when entering transactions.

Forgive me if I've misinterpreted your suggestion.


Sage replacement

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It's a bit odd that this thread is asking what alternatives there are to Sage because of bad experiences but has been taking over by Sage users swapping tips with each other.


In answer to the original question I would answer "anything!".


Customer Postcode

dtooke | | Permalink

Surely your software allocates customer account codes automatically?

If you want to use the post code then surely the address has the postcode in it as a separate field - so you can sort on (partial) Post Code - eg what customers do I have in XX2, or what products were bought by customers in XX?

If Sage isn't clever enough to allow these then maybe we're back on track with original thread topic?

Regarding Optegra

garykind | | Permalink

 I was interested in taking a look at optegra Jeremy but you don't even have a website?




General and New Thread of Helpful Hints

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Sage does allocate automatic customer or supplier coding and has a post code field, but you can also choose to set them up to suit your own company our clients. There are so many ways we all like to source information , and there have been some good tips from various writers how to do this .

In response to the thread been overtaken by sage users with useful tips. I feel most of the tips including my own were given genuinely to  try and be helpful to Baballions and other users with any decision he or she will make in regards to changing their software.    On the thread Baballions mention that they had already upgraded one of the companies.   Baballions also mention in one of his comments he was unhappy with the SAGE INTERFACE , as did other  thread users .  

There has now been a new thread set up for users to share useful productivity tips.

Kind Regards Sarah @Douglas Accountancy and Bookkeeping Services . Glasgow 


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Re: Customer A/C No. as Postcode

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Hi Acornman,

My reply was a suggestion to PeterNatt who's customers give him their postcode when ordering goods, and he therefore would find it easier to use the postcode as the account number instead of the first 8 digits of their names.

Sage does auto generate an account number based on the client name, but only if you create the account using the 'New Account wizard', but you do NOT have to accept the suggested account number/code. If you create the new account whilst on SOP or Invoicing you will have to enter the new account code yourself.

You can use any string of letters, numbers or symbols (but not a space), to a max. of 8 characters, for the account number. And this can be anything you choose that will work for your business. So in Peternatts case, where his customers give him their postcode as a reference when placing an order, it seemed logical to use their postcode as the string of characters for his account numbers in Sage.

Regardless of what characters you use, the assisted dropdown will work, so the more characters of the string you type Sage will narrow the choices in the dropdown as normal.

You say that you would not always know a customers postcode when entering transactions. For Peternatts business, that is what he is given on the phone when a customer places an order. In other types of business this method would not work. You have to choose the string of characters as the account number, that will work best for your client base. For most this will be the name. Many businesses, for example, use the first 3 letters of the name then 001,002 etc.

And this not only applies to Customers but also to Suppliers and Products.

-- Witch-Queen

Account no & PostCodes

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Hi Witch-Queen

Does that mean that Sage wont search by Post Code when trying to find a Customer in SOP?

eg - Pull up SOP screen, click on a search button and enter Post Code (full or partial) to pull up 1 or more customers which you can then click on one to select? 


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