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What should I replace Sage 50 Accounts with?

I am responsible for three unrelated companies, all using Sage.  In one company I "upgraded" from version 12 to Sage 50 Accounts 2009.  That experience convinced me not to "upgrade" the other two companies.  Too many shortcomings in speed, screen layouts, exporting data, functions which don't appear to work and lack of proper support from Sage -  It's time to move on...  Any suggestions?  



Post Code Customer Account Search

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The reason that we need the post code account search is that many of our customers forget their account number and being used to being asked for their postcode instead by other suppliers offer us their postcode.  The account name of our postcodes are normally the first four letters of the account name followed by two numerical figures.  i.e NATT01.  As far as posting customers payments we use the customers account number as this relates normally to the name on their cheques.  I Hope this clarrifies matters. 


Business Accountz

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We are trying to leave TAS and looking into Business Accountz. The main reason to move to Accountz is that it runs on Linux. It looks quite good and user friendly, I have found mainly positive comments, just some features are missing - like Fixed Asset Register and not suitable (yet) for multi-user. Is someone using this Business Accountz?

Business Accountz

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Why are you looking to leave TAS?

Business Accountz

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I would love to stay with TAS, it's just our company - it is all about Linux and directors are looking to move accounts on Linux software. At the moment only me and my colleaque in accounts are on Windows because of TAS. I just can say, that I don't like Linux that much - many programs are not working and all other complications.

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-- Complete Book-Keeping Ltd

Sorry, I know I am a Sage Business Partner but I really didn't like Quickbooks.  They may have updated as was around 2 years ago, however transactions could be changed or deleted and no-one needed to know as there was no audit trail.  You could even change dates to prior year accounts.  Found very scary.

kr Donna

Complete Book-Keeping Ltd



Business Accountz

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I think you will find Accountz even worse. doesn't come close to sage - you can change anything at anytime and no audit trail, poor reporting, poor handling of VAT, poor system of allocating receipts and payments finding errors is time consuming. - I could go on and on.  Essentially only a book keeping system but boy you really do need to understand your manual double entry to make this work for anything other than the smallest sole trader with a very simple book keeping requirement. 

Audit Trail

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Diamond Discovery provides detailed audit trails - and will prevent random alterations of statutory documents


Dave Tooke

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Business Accountz

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You can run TAS with a Linux fileserver hosting the data and running Pervasive PSQL Linux database engine. If you want to access TAS from a Linux desktop, you only need one Windows machine in the office to host multiple remote desktop (Linux) 'client PCs'. This does not have to be a Terminal Services server - can be just an XP Pro PC with software to accept multiple clients.

Alternatives to SAGE upgrade

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I think it's become a little too commonplace for these posts to become a sales pitch exercise for software vendors so Gouldn2me's comments are invaluable. In usual circumstances I wouldn't entertain the thought of such a shameless plug but on this occasion, given your specific requirements, I break my own rule.

In terms of upgrading from SAGE 50, many of the people we speak to voice very similar issues, and find bluQube hits their speed and ease of use criteria, whilst the browser-based approach (not SaaS) enables access regardless of location. Stongest areas of the system include integration with third party applications, ease of getting meaningful data in and out, and comprehensive reporting for finance and non-finance users. Current users include charities and multi-site organisations with multi-currency requirements.

Video case study

Best of luck with the search and if it helps any, here's a Software Evaluation Guide that may be of use when comparing all these vendors!


Try running under WINE in Linux

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It's 'Horses for courses'.

Sage should not be used in a big
environment because, at the very least, the operating system that it
runs on, is not sophisticated enough for a central control and

However, for any SME, it is worth

Today, the WINE environment, run under
Linux, is an option. I have a TurboCASH4 implementation running at  www.gopc.net. Here we have a
complete Linux desktop with TC available.

I would contact TAS and see if they can
run under WINE, in Linux, as a start. This will enable you to run
everything under in a Linux environment.




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Back to the topic...

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To return to the original post, I have a suggestion you may want to look into.

Encore is business management software that has been running and evolving for more than 30 years. It can handle everything businesses might need - purchasing, sales, stock control, invoicing, etc - seamlessly from one interface, and is modular in format so no unnecessary features need be paid for. Encore is regularly used as a replacement of Sage products - for exactly the reasons that have been discussed here - by people who need an easy to use one-user package right up to multi-user, multi-currency, multi-site and even multi-company applications.

Speed, imports/exports, and customer support are all major pros of this software. I don't want to plug too much on here, but if you call us on 01403 259551, you can let us answer any questions you have about how Encore handles any issues you can name, or even set up an online demo to see it in action.



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