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Why is Sage multi company licence so expensive?

I need to upgrade my Sage software to Sage 50 Accounts Professional 2011 as a single-user, 5 company licence, but it is so expensive and I also need to take out Sage Payroll as a single user, 5 company licence.   It appears I will need to remortgage first!  Quickbooks costs £500 and allows the addition of unlimited companies at no extra charge! So why is Sage so expensive?



Because they can...

johndon68 | | Permalink

I suspect simply because people are willing to pay (whether they agree with it or not is, of course, a completely different matter)...


There is another option

JuliaKing | | Permalink

Sage do a package called the book-keepers club, you get up to 10 companies, including support & upgrades. It costs £564 or £47 per month. Can't tell you anything about the payroll as I don't use Sage I use moneysoft as it is so simple & loads cheaper.

Single user / multi-company licence

Ketchup | | Permalink

If you have a five company licence, but have ten companies to look after you don't have to have them all 'live and visible' all the time.

A cost-saving method is to backup a company's data after use and then restore another company into that slot.  It is fiddly but will save you money.  

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Accountants club

petersaxton | | Permalink

I am a member of Sage Accountants Club and I have a 50 company licence for Sage Accounts and Sage Payroll. I don't think I pay a massive amount.

Have you tried

paulwakefield1 | | Permalink

Sage resellers or talking to Sage direct?

I only upgrade every 3 or 4 years (this is for Client manager, I don't use the payroll software) and find there is normally room for negotiation though they had tightened up quite a bit last time;  I finally lost my unlimited companies version but still got a reasonableish deal.

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Moneysoft & VTT+

BigBadWolf | | Permalink

We use Moneysoft for Payroll and VTT+ for bookkeeping - both allow an UNLIMITED number of clients for no cost!

and the simple file structure (one single data file per client) enables us to back up client data and have remote access to it via Dropbox.

Moneysoft - Annual Cost - £110.00 + VAT

VTT+ - One off cost - £125 + VAT (no need for annual updates or licence fees)


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