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Windows 7

I have recently upgraded Windos XP to Windows 7 and all my files have been moved to a folder marked windows.old. However I can now not run sage at all, since clicking the appliacaition icon goes no where. Any suggestions?


Windows 7

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Sage does rely on a number of files that are installed in the Windows folder so, if they are no longer there, this would explain the problem - a reinstall of the program should sort things out.


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Agreed - reinstall

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Windows 7 has a very different way of dealing with programs and files to XP and, although there is some legacy folder structure support, there will be some applications that simply won't work without being reinstalled.

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Re: Windows 7 & any program

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Both answers make valid points, however, wearing my 'PC tech' hat instead of my usual Sage 50 hat I would comment as follows:

You cannot do a straight upgrade from Windows XP to windows 7, (XP is too old to allow it) this is why all your old files are now in a folder called Windows.old. The contents of that folder is your old XP operating system, which no longer runs, and all your old programs. NONE of programs in that folder will now run as they are no longer installed as part of a live operating system. 

All programs install parts of themselves in windows and the registry during their installation, your old windows and XP registry are no longer there so these old programs cannot run.

You are now using Windows 7 as your operation system and registry and must therefore reinstall all your old programs.

If you did not take a back-up of your Sage data before upgrading, drop me an email to [email protected] and I will reply with my phone number. I can then talk you through how to extract your data from the Windows.old folder

-- Witch-Queen

Problem Installing Sage

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I'm having a problem installing sage 50 accounts 2013 on my PC.  The operating system is Windows 7, the anti virus is Norton 360.  I have spoken to both Norton and Sage regarding the problem, sage support have told me the install wizard is not working properly and I need to see if there is an update available to download.  Can anyone tell me where I can find the download, I have been on the Install Wizard website and it doesn't show any downloads, or is there another way I can fix this problem.

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