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Year End

This question I think is perhaps silly but I am sorry for asking as I don't know how to get 2009 TB.

I have client sage back up which I have loaded. In the financials the year end is showing Mar 2010.

I need the detailed 2009TB as the client does not a copy of the full 2009 accounts to prepare the tax comps and return which have not been submitted.

(can I have 2010TB with 2009TB as comparatives if that is possible otherwise 2009TB on its own is fine)


BTW I am new to SAGE - and I don't like it. In fact have never liked it - thought it would have improved over the 30 years or so but not that I see.


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Re: Year End

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The back-up you have been given is after they ran the year end in Sage. Did the client take a back-up before running it? (they should have done) if so that is the one you need.

If this is not available it is easy to reverse the Year End postings using your back-up, assuming you are using a relativly recent version of Sage

1) Find the jounal in Financials which shows the year end date 31/03/09 the details column will show 'Ledger Year End' make a note of the first and last transaction numbers for the whole journal.

2) Go to Nominal Ledger view, and use the Reversals button at the top, follow the wizard entering the first and last transaction numbers and the date of the year end journal. in the first list box that comes up highlight each line making sure the balance = 0.00, then hit reverse, in the second box hit save.

3) Go to the Settings menu and select Financial Year, Click Change and change it to 31/03/09 (if that was the last day of that year) click ok

You have now reversed the year end postings and can view and print whatever you want for that year.

Once you have finished taking the prints you need you can back-up this version (I suggest changing the name of the back-up so you know it's for 2009) then restore the original again and your back where you started. 

If you'd like me to help further or for clarification, email me at [email protected] and I will reply with my phone number. I'd be happy to talk you through it.

-- Witch-Queen

Year End

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 Thanks for the info.

This works though I have now noted a small difference as there were entries entered after year end relating to the closed year.

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Re: Year End

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To get details of the transactions posted after year end was run:-

1) Restore the original Back-up

2) Go to Nominal Ledger - Reports - Nominal Activity Reports - Nominal Activity Excluding Nil Transactions

3) In the parameters box enter date TO 31/03/09 and enter the transaction number FROM whatever was the next number AFTER the last line of the year end journal you noted earlier.

This will give you all those transactions dated before the year end but posted after the year end was run in Sage

-- Witch-Queen

re: Year End

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Dependent on the version of Sage you have, you should be able to pull of a TB from the previous financial year.

If you go into Financials, then Trial Balance reports & then Transactional Report, you can put a date range in.

I know I have used this before, but some while ago, it could be worth a try and save you extra work.

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Re: Year End

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@ JuliaKing

Yes you could do that BUT, once the year end has been run in Sage all nominals from 4000 to 9999 will have been zeroed by a journal, therefore the balances of these nominal will be NIL, unless there have been late postings.

-- Witch-Queen

Re Transactional Trial Balance

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In version 2011 you can set the highest transaction number as well as the latest date in this report. If you set the date to be the year end date but the highest transaction number to the number immediately before the year end process was run you will get a trial balance as it was with the correct balances in codes 4000 onwards.

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