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Who Likes Sage Practice Solutions?

We are looking at Sage Practice Solutions, and are really struggling to find anyone who uses it who actually likes it!

All the web comments that don't originate from Sage seem to be negative, so is there anyone who has something positive to say about the software?

As background, we use other Sage practice products (Accounts Production, Corporation Tax, Business Tax, Personal Tax). We are looking at upgrading to Accounts Production Advanced, and when we had a demonstration of that and SPS, the consensus was positive on both (more positive than for Iris, which seemed complicated and not intuitive by comparison).

However I've since read quite a few negative comments about SPS, so am searching for some positive comments. Anyone have any?

I know this isn't the Sage Accounts Production Advanced forum, but I may as well ask for any feedback on that software as well, if anyone has any.




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I had the same problem when I did some research prior to purchasing SPS.

We thought that SPS provided all of the information we needed and seemed far more intuitive than SAGE ACT! which we are currently using.

Although I have used IRIS, I agree that it is complicated although does provide a for amoe integrated system at a far greater price.

All I can say is that I am hoping that I have not made the wrong decision but we know that although ACT! has moved us on, SPS seems to fill in more of the holes.

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Losing good staff (and money) thanks to SPS

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I am aware of a case where one practice has lost out financially because of the HORRIBLE SPS SOFTWARE.

Doesn't do what it was said to do.

Not told that it was a "work in progress" / unfinished / rough edges product.

Not told about unexpected difficulties.

Not told about many hundreds of hours time loss through problems.

Not only has one practice encountered the above they're now going to lose key staff who as part of their seeking a new job have been adamant that they'd never join a practice using SPS.  I can fully understand this sentiment.

PS. having highlighted the downside of SPS, can't unfortunately, say if there's anything better in the marketplace to replace it.   However, what I can say is that bad as Sage software is in general, things did seem to run a lot smoother using individual modules of Sage software before the so-called "integration" of SPS was implemented to create practice chaos and disolusion.  It is fair to say many people working with SPS literally hate SPS. 







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We have used it for two years and it is fine.

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It lacks the ability to access all the constitutent data bases which means it cannot  be used to data mine, but as a time recording, invoicing, letter generating client management package which also manages the client database in the taxation packages it works fine.

There is a dedicated group of sage haters on here, I do not fully understand their motivation.

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