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Income Tax Help (What would happen if i refused to sign a form of authority sent by HMRC)

I have received a letter from HMRC asking for a copy of my mortgage application which was submitted back in 2005.. I have been self emplyed since 2007.. I explained to them that it was irrelevant to there enquiry as they are doing a compliance check on my self employment 2007 to present. However i contacted my mortgage lender and they explained that they cant issue anything with that printed on... They told me to tell them to get intouch with them themselves, so i did..

I have received a letter from HMRC today asking me to sign a form of Authority authorising them to be supplied with any information they need and i am wanting to know if i have to sign it and what will happen if i refuse to.. Obviousley i dont want them to think i am hiding something but i dont feel like i have to sign that information away.

Any advise would be helpfull




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It seems that the practical approach might be best unless you want to risk lenghthy arguments with the Revenue. You have already agreed for the Revenue to have the form requested so let them have the authoriy. I suppose you could amend it to be more restricive and to provide only the documents they have requested. I suspect that they want to be satisfied that in your application you did not include any self employed income.


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 Thats just the thing though, ive been into the bank which i got my mortgage from and the information on there doesnt say if it is either employed or self employed. The revenue  surely can see on there records that i was employed under PAYE on there system. I was employed back then right up until the company went bust and was there for 8 years, from leaving school..

Hmmmm i think i will speak to a solicitor about this as i dont think its right, thanks for your comments



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