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Need Advise on Sofware and BACs payments

I am a self employed bookkeeper and currently only do accounts for one small local company.  However I have been approached through recommendation by a company who would like me to take on their payroll processing.  It is a monthly payroll for about 20 people.  I am happy to take this on however, i need some help choosing a payroll software and also not sure how i go paying the employees direct into their bank account via bacs? or is his direct credit?  The company does not have facility to pay suppliers directly as they operate payments by cheques.

Any help anyone can give will be greately appreciated as i dont want to lose this oppertunity to take on more work.





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For creating the payroll I personally like moneysoft which is basic and simple but does the job.




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I agree with the others, Moneysoft is excellent.  I have used others over the years but Moneysoft is poles ahead.  One good thing with this software is that if you telephone for help you actually speak to a person and, even if it is something obvious, you are treated kindly and with respect.






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I use and like Moneysoft, have done so for 4 years. Prior to that used Freway, which was good, got taken over by IRIS, becmae 3 times as expensive and was anoght mare to use.

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