Initially we took over a sole trader and had to deal with late VAT registration which had the effect of reducing several years' profits for SA purposes.  We persued a revision to the personal tax credit claims and the TCO and Adjudicator say TCO have acted correctly.  I can understand that and agree. 

This leaves me with where to go to try and obtain relief under the tax Credit system as basically we are 'out of time' but HMRC as a body have collected VAT on the one hand, repaid SA tax on the other but then they are 'blanking' any Tax Credit revision because it is out of time, but funnily enough the VAT and SA aspect were not out of time.

Is this a hopeless cause in that my only option is to ask for judicial review which would not be cost effective?

Any comments would be really appreciated.




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PS, I have just read page 24 of Taxation dated 4 March and the replies talk about 'Your Charter' and contacting my MP.

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