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ACCA Practising Certificate

Hi All

This is my first time on this site, so I trust you will bear
with me if some of these questions have been asked before. 

I have had my PCTR acceptance letter for a few years now and
I am looking at applying for a practising certificate. I wonder if anyone can
advise me on the points I raise below:

  1.  Have
    all recent applicants for a practising cert attended the admissions
    hearing? For those who attended, were you expected to answer any technical
    or regulatory questions?
  2. Has
    anyone applied for a part-time practising certificate while not being
    employed in other work? ACCA specify being employed in another job and
    earning less than £5000. (My plan is to apply for the full Cert when I have
    built things up a bit more by start of next year).
  3. Continuity
    agreement – the people I know who are qualified are not in practice. I
    notice that someone on this site has advertised for someone to be party to
    their continuity agreement. Is that normal? How else have others
    approached this?

 Kind regards



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