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Advice re working arrangement with an accountancy practice

I have been subcontracting to various Chartered Accountancy practices for over 15 years and am now looking to develop my own client base. However, I am not qualified. I have a good working relationship with an FCA for whom I currently work and have suggested we work together. The bulk of the work would be carried out by me. For an agreed fee, his involvement would be limited to review/consultancy and certification of final accounts subject to our mutual satisfaction.

I have two questions.

1) Since this is not a partnership and I wish to develop my own brand/goodwill independent of his practice, what would be an acceptable arrangement? If accounts are effectively certificated by him, it seems to me that they they would deemed to be his clients from a legal and technical point of view. Given the commercial arrangement, is there a standard solution here?

2) In the event that we encounter a problem and are required to make a PL claim, although I will have my own PL insurance, would this be a problem, bearing in mind the collective responsibility?

Any help or experience in this area would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


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I think you're going about this the wrong way

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By all means get him to review the files, but YOU sign off the jobs.

Work with me

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I think u should work you own make your own client base because it will be your permenant source of income. I am ACCA qualified and i have three years of experience. You should find your own clients by saying clients that u have qualified staff to work and then subcontract work to me. We will share work and pay me at £5 per hour. For contaact mail me on [email protected]

advice re working arrangements with an accountancy practice

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