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Hi everyone,

I've just been to Barclays to set up my Business Account.  They offered me a "Barclays Professional Partners Package" for £35 per month.  It includes a licence for Sage 50 Accounts Professional and Quickbooks Premier Edition, as well as other bits and pieces.  I know this package has been discussed previously but not for a few years.

I wondered if anyone had taken this up and whether it was worthwhile?  Does the Professional software mean I can use it for multi companies? Sage have quoted £675 (incl) for their bookkeepers club, which will give me five companies on both the Accounts and Payroll side and also includes support and upgrades etc.

I would be grateful for any comments from either anyone who has taken this up or not or from Sage users - basically whether it is worth the £35 a month, which basically, I can't afford to do both!!

Many thanks in advance





Don't go near it!

tracy | | Permalink

I set up an account with Barclays and spent many hours on the phone to them to sort out an astonishing amount of errors. They seemed to be really good at charging me £35 a month for the service you have mentioned, even though I had declined it from the start. Personally, I would seriously consider whether you want to use Barclays at all! I also think that the £35 package may sound good, but is not really good value for money at all. I use VT instead of Sage, £125 ish for a licence that you can use for unlimited numbers of companies and I find it easier to get on with than Sage. I also bank with Natwest who charge me £3 a month for their service, and I haven't had any phoney charges put to my account by them! Best of luck!

Barclays Professional Partners account

pjc55 | | Permalink

 I've had this for the last 3 1/2 years and haven't had any problems.  Barclays have been OK as a bank - but I run a fairly simple operation.  Useful having Sage and Quickbooks - it saved me having to buy any more Sage licences for a couple of years.  You get two Sage licences and scope for 99 businesses on QB.  There's no payroll included for either.  They also give you a day's training course for a £40 admin fee , to cover either Sage or QB plus other business planning software that they give you.

You might like to check the £35. Maybe it's the new rate - I've been paying £25 (plus VAT)

VT is also a good product but quite different.  You're much more likely to come across clients with Sage or QB.


tltodman | | Permalink

I have a client who uses the Barclays Business manager package. Pays £38.90 plus VAT a month for QB for 2 companies with licence for 2 computers for accounts but only one PC for the payroll. Also gets some sort of HR database access. Oh, and no QB support in that - that's extra.

I don't think it is value for money. The version of QB he uses (2008) needs to be upgraded imminently (at extra cost).

I dislike it as the software doesn't seem to live on your system, but theirs. I'm only there one day a week and once every couple of months if the internet is down they QB goes down with "fatal errors" but I now know it is just lost connection, thought that doesn't help me if I can't connect and process any transactions for a couple of hours.

I'm changing them to VTT+ at their year end (March) but have yet to find out what the notice period is for the Barclays.

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