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Best way to acquire customers

Hi - I'll be starting my practice in a month or so and wanted to hear of peoples experiences acquiring clients, in particular what they found has worked.

I'm thinking of a number of things including telemarketing, email marketing, website, networking events, advertising, and cold calling. Which ones work best?

At the moment my prefered route is to employ my own temporary telemarketer (I can't stand the idea of cold calling all day!). I have used third party telemarketers in the past and found it wasted a lot of time with poor quality appointments, hopefully by having my own person I can avoid this.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.


Coldcalling - nothing else

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I started my business working from home 3 years ago.

Have used a well known firm of cold callers for all that time. Something to do with Tax and Accounts?!

Don't waste time with temporary coldcallers on your own. If they get demoralised (and they will) they'll leave then you'll have to spend time getting someone else. Use a proper firm. They're not cheap but well worth the investment.

It's drying up a bit now but I seem to have recurring fees of 80K in three years. Now just need a little bit of staff to help. You need a supportive spouse (my wife never sees me from from 1 Nov to 31 Jan) but she enjoys the fat cheques in Feb/March.

Don't waste time on anything else. I don't have a website, never spent a penny on advertising, NOTworking events. You need genuine interest clients in front of you to get some cash in.

Oh, I've just re-read your query and I see you've already rejected the depends what you mean by "poor quality appts". Mine are rarely under £700, but two were over £5k.

You need nothing but hard work. Good luck.

year end & Tax software

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Hello, I just set up my accountancy, I need to buy a year end and CT software at the monent. Is it sage ok ? why nobody use it? I just think bookkeeping, payroll, year end account, taxation all use it will be more easy. I been look at VT, but I don't like. Iris quite expensive.

Cold Callers?

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I was just wondering if you could PM me the name of the cold callers so I can look into it with prices.

Many thanks 

Online advertising beats cold calling

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In my opinion online marketing beats cold calling. If you get your own cold-caller/telemarketer on board then you'll need to keep them motivated (not easy) to keep calling companies all day (often with less than stellar results). A telemarketing firm could be pricey and the results may not be what you're after.

Online marketing is very measurable and people who you talk to will be people who have taken the time to get in touch with you and hence may be (very) interested to use your services.


-- Citystream Bookkeepers and Accountants (Bookkeeping Services)

Hello HeavyMetalMike

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Hello HeavyMetalMike

I was just looking through last years discussions, and as I am a sole practicionner working from home, I have always gone by word of mouth for referrals, but now would like to increase the size of my practice.  I wonder if you could possibly let me know who you use for your well know firm of cold callers.  I am based in the North West inbetween M/cr and L'pool.



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