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Cold calling: Do you do it?

A lot of start up practices use cold calling as a means of attracting new clients. How do members feel about cold calling in general? Have you tried it and if so, did it work for you?

Training expert Marcus Cauchi recently offered his tips for good cold calling practice in an article on site. He said you should always cold call in the morning. Does it matter what time of day you ring people?

I'd be interested to hear what members' views are on this.

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It never ceases to amaze me what business comes from cold callin    1 thanks

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I launched my practice 18 months ago and like many people, I was petrified of cold calling - I would have preferred to undergo a root canal.  Last summer I was reading a local business paper and became interested in an article I read - on a whim, I decided to call the subject of the article and give my 30 second pitch.  Within 3 minutes, I had arranged to meet this prospective client for coffee the next morning.  By the end of that coffee meeting, I had secured a new client who was in precisely the market that I was targeting.  Not only has it increased my upstart firm's revenue base by well over C$30,000 annually, but has provided for a number of lucrative referrals, and helped to establish my expertise in this field.

I was so delighted with the experience, that I make a point of making 3 cold calls each week.  Once you get over the initial fear of rejection, it can give you an effective edge as a service provider.


cold calling

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I am glad that you have discovered that cold calling gets results.

We are a telemarketing company based in Bristol in the UK.

We have become specialists in accountancy telemarketing and have various UK accountants on our books that we organise meetings with companies in their vicinity for.

We organise the meetings on a per appointment basis - usually with companies that are either looking for an accountant or would look at alternatives due to service or price.

Conversion rate is usually 33%

If you are happy to go on the phone it is definately worth your while.

Happy phoning!



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Cold Calling - it's not easy!

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My experience is that cold calling can be effective but you need to put a lot of effort in to get any positive responses. I set up my own practice earlier this year and wrote to around 250 businesses who matched my target client criteria. This then means not 250 phone calls but many more given that most people are "unavailable" and so need to be rung on several occasions. Out of this came three clients who I have done some work for, two of which are not large or regular. Having said that the remaining client is my largest customer, so it's not all bad news!

Looking forward I will probably do some cold calling in the future but I don't think I shall be locking myself away in a room with the phone book for some time!

Cold Calling

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 I undertook some cold calling when I started.  I received a list of around 50 new businesses in my local area on a monthly basis.  I wrote to them then followed it up with a phone call, the success hasn't been great.

I have now engaged the services of a marketing consultant to rewrite my sales letter and websites to convert my recipients to hot leads.  I hope for more success however it will be some time before this can be measured.


Cold Calling

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I started in Practice in January along with a business Partner. We have had one major client for a one off project, which has just come to an end, and we are now looking for more on-going business. I am not very creative when it comes to marketing, and so I sat and cold-called around 100 companies. I prepared well for it, and wrote down my opening lines so I didnt get tongue tied. Off the 100 companies, 1 is a possible. Nothing definate.

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Grit your teeth

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@ceriblake -first, hats off for having a go.

If you are not very creative then you’ll have to accept you will need to spend more time and money to compensate. However, you have the opportunity to buy some creativity in?

Depending on the list (and your proposition) 100 calls is about a day’s work; one good opportunity per day is about right. Disappointment is often preceeded by adequate planning.

One opportunity is a hard slog and usually only for high ticket sales. My guess is you can get a much better return by being a bit smarter. 

Like all marketing, it isn’t just how much you do but what you do. Think about the quality of the data, the script, your process and fundamental proposition. If it is a general call about switching accountants and you try to get a meeting on the first call then I think you are asking too much. But, if that's what you are doing then grit your teeth and dig deep.

Good luck

Bob Harper

Marketing Consultant


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