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Employing agents/sales consultants to market a practice on commission bases.

I came across a practice advertising for agents/sales consultants for marketing of accountancy and tax services.

Earnings offered based on commission as per the fees introduced.

Will this work? Anyone wanting to share thoughts please?

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Sounds like it could be good if that's your thing

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Where is this practice based? PM me details please if you wouldn't mind, might be worth a look.

On a different note, if this is an area you would be good at why not use these skills to build your own practice? Much better return in the long run - you could even subcontract the work out and make 75% GP and build a little practice without much effort!

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Agents/Sales Consultants

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Hi, thanks for your comment.

The other way round really !! I was thinking more of people who might be good at this to join forces with me.

I'll pm you about this practice. I thought it might be a good idea but haven't tried it myself.

Kind Regards

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Seems like the way forward to me

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I've come across a few practices which use sales people to very good effect. In one case the salesperson becomes the account manager for any client that they win.

The upside is that they are acquiring new clients pretty much every other day.

The downside is that the sales people aren't able to sell to prospects that are a bit complicated but that's OK beacuse this practice targets micro and small businesses only.

If you keep it simple for the sale people, they will definietly bring you business.


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How do you get hold of these sales people

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I considered it myself but couldn't quite get together a plan how to interest them in commission only work and how to train them about how they should approach prospective clients when they're not receiving any pay from me in the meantime. I suppose I need to have sales skills myself to overcome these.

Thanks for your contribution.

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Keep it simple

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I have worked in sales in the past and the key is to keep it simple. That means:

 - Keep the client profile simple so that you can teach your sales people all they need to know quickly - simple sales messages are easier to understand for both the salesperson and the prospect.

 - Make sure the sales staff are selling simple services as the complicated stuff requires more detailed knowledge than they will have.

 - Keep the commission structure simple. I suggest a small monthly salary with significant commissions (based on the profit they generate not revenues). Commission only is OK at the start but you won't get the best people that way.

 - Make sure your sales staff are numerate - if they can't get their head around numbers then there will be problems

I'm planning on giving this a go after the summer break. Could you PM me the name of the firm that is doing this so that I can check out their advert please?



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