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Information from Previous Accountants

I am just starting out in practice, and am doing my first self assessment for a friend (for free, for the practice and experience !) - and my friend has requested TWDV B/f figures to enable me to calculate capital allowances. They have stated that they will charge for this approximatley £40.00 plus Vat. Is this the norm ? If I had approached the previous accountancts, as my friends new accountant, would there have been a charge ?

I appreciate that this is a silly question ! Many Thanks.

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They shouldn't charge

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But might think they can get away with it if a request from your friend. You could try writing to them as his new accountant, or he could tell them he is leaving them and request that they provide him with the relevant information. They can make a charge if they like though - there nothing stopping them, just not best practice.

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